Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Get Crafty - Simple and Sweet

Dry Erase Frame
This is something I saw on Pinterest that I thought was just such a great idea.

I usually leave for work before H and my husband wake up, but I try to have everything ready for him so that all he has to do is get her clothes on and get out the door. But sometimes I wind up sending texts once I get to work with any little tidbits he may need to know. When I saw someone post this idea to Pinterest I thought "Brilliant! What a simple and pretty way to leave notes!"

This really couldn't be any easier. Get a picture frame. Cut some pretty scrap paper to size. Insert. Purchase dry erase marker. Done.

It sits right on the kitchen table and usually includes any to-dos or things he should know for school, or sometimes just an "I love you" or "have a great day!" I've also started including a "letter of the day" for H. I keep the dry erase marker tucked behind it. I was also thinking I might switch the paper up once in a while - maybe do themes for holidays. My only suggestion is that you probably want the pattern to be uniform and somewhat muted - otherwise it may become difficult or uncomfortable to read the writing on top of a busy pattern.

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  1. It looks simple but great. I was thinking of a different color and I will definitely try this out later. Thanks!

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