Wednesday, March 28, 2012


My twins are now an energetic 2 ½ years old! Overall, they are pretty well behaved, but I am not embarrassed to admit that they have their “moments” and those moments are definitely the terrible 2s. I know that these moments are a typical part of their development – understanding their limits, exerting their newfound independence, etc. – but they can just be utter chaos and throw your best laid plans for a loop.

For example, we were on vacation on the West Coast and we went out to dinner and all of a sudden Twin B had a major meltdown. We couldn’t understand it! We were at a restaurant that catered to kids, complete with a play area! Furthermore, Twin B loves to eat, loves restaurants, so this was certainly a surprise. My husband and I looked at each other, silently begging the other to take over. I lost that battle and took our son to the car to finish his meltdown, and when he was calmer, discuss appropriate restaurant behavior; all the while, mourning my delicious dinner and chilled glass of pinot gris.

At the time, we were with family and they assured us that the 3s were much better – you could reason with them, they understand better – but I think they were also secretly reveling in the fact that it was not their child who was out of control!

So, Mamas, what are your thoughts? Are the 3s really better than the 2s?


  1. Yes! In my experience, it really is. My daughter has never been particularly difficult, although she has certainly had her moments! The 2's I think are frustrating because the language is there, and some of the ability to reason, but it can all fall apart so easily - which can be really frustrating!

    But this year (she'll be 4 this summer) has just been such a joy. We can have real conversations, her ability to reason is so much more developed than the previous year, and her imagination has just taken off and she can just play by herself for long periods of time. She totally still has her moments, but overall I think it is MUCH easier!

    1. This so encouraging to hear! I always hear parents saying that the 3's are worse than 2's, if that is the case, I am not going to make it to the 4's!!!! :)

  2. I think it's very kid-dependent. My son (now 3.5) was a very easy baby and toddler, but the 3s have been a bit agonizing -- enormous tantrums, refusal to do as he is asked, and general bad behavior. When he's sweet, he's very, very sweet (and capable of having a developed conversation and of reasoning and of having extended periods of imaginative play, as Mama S noted), but when he's not, he can be truly miserable. For him, I think it's that he is far more aware of his own needs, wants and desires and far less dependent on external praise, so he's more willing to act out. I think it's also that we expect a lot more of him now, which may be unfair to him. Friends have said their kids were the same. But other friends have said 3 was far easier than 2.