Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Mama PSA

Here is my PSA with an overuse of quotations!

Lately, so many of my friends have been feeling "off." Of course, the weather gets to us all this time of year, but it feels like something more. The feeling runs the gamut: a little more anxious than usual, not quite as excited about things, more easily overwhelmed. As mothers we have a tendency to overlook our feelings and focus more on the more pressing needs around us. I think many of us just say to ourselves, "snap out of it" and try and get an extra hour of sleep.

Be honest with yourself. If you can't "snap" like you use too, talk to someone. Start with your PCP. I'm not here to say everyone needs treatment, but if you're feeling off, there are things to make you feel better. It could be as simple as your doctor recommending you actually go to that yoga class or get some extra vitamin D or exercise more. And sometimes just the doctor's recommendation means it gets done - you make time for it and your family supports it. But your doctor could also recommend a therapist or give you a prescription for something that addresses your particular need. It took me a long time to realize that my particular "issue" (anxiety) is not a personality trait, it is something that can be "fixed." (If you're pregnant or nursing, there are still things your doctor can do.).

The awareness about post-partum depression is great, but sometimes I think it's the only thing we're "allowed" to have. We don't have to be martyrs; be honest with yourself and if you think you COULD feel better, give your doctor a call.

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