Monday, March 19, 2012

What a difference warm weather makes!

I don't know about you, but this weather makes me want to put on a sundress and run around in the grass ala the Sound of Music!

For those of you that don't live in the Northeastern US, let me fill you in on what is happening with regards to our weather. Mother Nature is giving us a little gift after she shat on us all winter long last year. Right now it is 65 degrees, and not a could to be seen in the sky. In the middle of March!! Normally in Boston we would have a few feet of snow on the ground around now, and be bracing for our next snow storm. But no, I am in a tank top and capris, lathering up with sunscreen to sit on my back porch and catch up on my mags as M sleeps one off upstairs (and by "one" I mean a hard day of playing outside yesterday).

Yesterday it reached 70 degrees.  You would have thought money was falling from the sky by looking around my neighborhood. Everyone was outside. Kids were on bikes, drawing on the sidewalk, swinging on swings, playing in the grass and doing cartwheels in bikinis...what? Yes, doing cartwheels on their front lawn, in bikinis.

My husband took one look across our street and said to me, "uh, inappropriate!" so of course I had to look and see what was going on. Turns out our neighbors kids, who are somewhere around 10 & 12 years old, were on their front lawn with their girlfriends doing cartwheels and playing with bikinis. Now their house is pretty much on a semi-main road, where there is a constant stream of traffic, so these girls were out there for all to see. Their mother right there with them on a chaise lounge basking in the sun. They have a fenced in backyard, so why weren't they back there? It just all felt a little too risque for me, and my husband laid down the law that Marlo won't be in a bikini until she is 18. HA!

But that wasn't he point of this post. The point was just to say how much easier life is when you are taking care of kids and the weather is nice enough for you to go outside! And I don't mean in the 40s wearing a coat, hat and gloves, I mean when you can feel the warmth of the sun on your naked arms and the grass between your toes. When you can get out the water table, and get soaked and not worry about changing clothing right away. When you can blow bubbles and run around the pop them, or kick a ball around the backyard...I mean when the kids can do this stuff...yeah, the kids!

Of course having lived in Boston for 16 years, and knowing that at any moment fickle Mother Nature could say "ok peeps, that is enough skin you are is some snow to shovel," I know I probably shouldn't get used to this gorgeous weather. But looking at the weather for the week (65, 70, 74, etc...) I can't help but feel a little relief that we might be out of winter's grasp.

I know, I just jinxed us...better get my shovel out of the basement!

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  1. Sunshine=nature's antidepressant. I agree, I can't wait to put away all that winter gear and pull out the flip flops for good!