Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Get Crafty: Egg Crafts

These are a couple of egg crafts that H and I have done recently as we get closer to Easter. H is (still) obsessed with dinosaurs, so that's what we used for these projects but you could easily put little chicks or bunnies or candy into these eggs!
I apologize for the quality of all the pictures - my camera battery was dead so these were all taken with my phone!

Paper Mache Eggs

There's a great tutorial here on Not Martha using water balloons, tissue paper, and liquid starch. We used tissue paper, pretty cupcake liners, and mod podge.

But instead of putting in a little string to open the egg and reveal a prize, we took our inspiration from those sugar window eggs (I have no idea what those are really called! Here's a picture for reference). We cut out a hole, glued some moss onto the inside and tucked in a mini dinosaur. It still needed a little something, so we stuck some little jewel stickers around the opening. Then we strung some embroidery floss through a mini button, glued it to the top, and hung it onto a little Easter tree we found in the bargain section of Target.

Surprise Eggs
Not Martha also has a great tutorial on Surprise Eggs.

Of course instead of using chicks or candy on the inside we used more mini dinos. I also added a little temporary tattoo of whichever dinosaur was going inside the egg. And even though H made these with me - and watched me put each dinosaur inside - she still was delighted to crack them open and "discover" the little dino on the inside. And she still asking me when we are going to make more!

I'm hoping to put togther another post before the end of the week with suggestions for little crafts or non-candy items to put in your child's Easter basket. Stay tuned!

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  1. WHAT??? These eggs are amazing! Yesterday I dyed eggs with M and I was so disappointed by how they came out. I feel like I am usually good at this kind of stuff, and remember being impressed by the outcome in years past, but this was not a good showing on my crafty part.

    Great post!!