Monday, April 9, 2012

Holiday Exhaustion, so worth it...

Don’t get me wrong ~I LOVE the holidays! I love spending time with family and friends and indulging in good food and drink. But today, I am exhausted; a bone-tiring fatigue that resonates into my inner core. Will I catch up on my rest? Never. Was it worth it? Yes.

Since having kids, holidays have gone to a new level. Everyone is so excited to spend time with the boys and share our traditions with them. I no longer just attend these celebrations carefree and unburdened. As a parent, I prepare for these celebrations. I try to adjust nap schedules accordingly, make sure the boys are well fed because it will be impossible to feed them amongst all the distraction, and in general, plan the day to ensure as much success and enjoyment as possible.

Alas, my plans typically go awry. I should have learned my lesson now. Twin A, our hardcore sleeper, wakes up at 3 am the night before we are supposed to leave for NY for a Saturday Easter celebration. 2 year molars? Who knows. All I know is that we are exhausted, but the day must go on. He recovers quickly, my husband and I not so much. We still enjoy the day. The boys revel in the attention - as only grandchildren they are the stars of the show.

The smiles and laughter of a holiday through two-year-old eyes is what makes it so worth it. The innocent excitement and anticipation certainly quenches the need for sleep, as these are truly such fleeting moments in time.

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