Friday, June 29, 2012

A Chair of Her Own

Every mom deserves a comfortable chair. 

Preferably one that sits in a private room; a quiet room with a beautiful view and a door that closes completely. 

Also a chair that looks good. 

A chair that curls around her back and props up her legs; then relaxes back, propping knees above heart. 

A chair that rocks gently. 

A chair that is rather difficult to get out of, so that once settled, she is forced to relax for just a bit longer. A chair that makes it difficult to pop up and down several times in one minute to retrieve small items for the small people nipping at her heels for snacks and drinks and potty breaks and entertainment and nap-time and attention. 

A chair so sophisticated that her children actually show respect toward it; they play around it and only when brave ask for permission to climb into it and immediately label it "mama's chair." 

A chair that when feeling generous, a mom can share with her baby. A chair that pitches the baby in a perfect position to engage face to face; to share smiles; gaze lovingly or rock back and forth together. 


This chair exists, I found it and it is called the Vifah Rocker. Can you picture yourself here? You should mamas, you deserve it! I bought mine on YLiving and it has changed my world. I steal "me time;" I sit; I relax; I sip iced water; I call girlfriends; I sit a bit longer. And it's all because of this chair! It is magic. But I have a patio. So if you don't have outdoor space please find an indoor equivalent and share your story!

Disclaimer: I don't work for or have any connections to Vifah or YLiving. Find it here! 

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