Friday, June 15, 2012

Get Crafty: Fun in the Sun

This is actually something that my sister in law did with her girls after seeing something similar on Pinterest. Of course when H saw the pictures she immediately said "can we do that!?" Unfortunately this was last week when it was raining, but I told her once the rain cleared up we would absolutely do it!

This week we finally got some sun so we gathered up the chalk and headed out to the side yard. Her cousin's picture had raindrops and an umbrella, but H was insistent that hers include the itsy bitsy spider. I think it reminded her of an iPad game that she plays.

H got such a kick out of it I think it's definitely something we'll do again!

Another quick project I did this week was a tent. H saw one in a picture and asked if she could have one. So I got a hula hoop from the dollar store and some blue voile curtains and valances from Christmas Tree Shoppe.

I wish I had a great step by step for this, but really I just threw it together really quickly. There are a few great tutorials online on how to make a really nice machine sewed tent...that is not what I did. I cut apart the hula hoop and put the triangle shaped valances onto it, and then taped the hula hoop together again. I used stitch witchery to fuse the edges of the 3 valances together, making the pointed top of the tent. Then I did a very sloppy hand sew job attaching the 2 curtains. I used stitch witchery again to fuse the back together, and then sewed on some ribbon to tie back the opening in the front.

This is currently hanging in the entryway between our playroom and kitchen, but if we had a big backyard with a tree I would definitely hang it outside on sunny days!


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