Monday, July 9, 2012

2 Simple Solutions from an Organizational Freak

I make no apologies for my love of lists, bulletin boards, storage containers, and pretty office supplies. Now having children, I am always looking for creative ideas for putting stuff away.  I despise missing pieces. I feel there is always a place and solution for everything. Perhaps I’m a bit OCD, but I enjoy finding new ways to repurpose and de-clutter. I give my husband credit for supporting my being enamored by baskets, giddy over containers and for allowing me the freedom to organize his grooming products. I do hope a few of you will understand why neat stacks or rows of almost anything (toys, books, pictures, towels) are cause for a quiet celebration.  And by the way, it’s ok to fix crookedly hung frames, even in restaurants or waiting rooms. You’re not crazy…you are in good company.

Here are a couple of ideas I wanted to share:

I spend every morning digging through my make-up bag trying to find at least the mascara to brighten my sleep-deprived "Mommy” eyes.  I often end up dumping the whole thing into the sink as it somehow always ends up at the bottom of the bag. An old desk organizer from a job I had before becoming a stay-at-home mom was a perfect solution. This one even spins!

If you have a child who loves coloring and wants access to ALL of the choices, this is a perfect solution. While strolling through the seasonal aisle in Target, I came across the cookout caddies that hold napkins, plates and silverware. Who even uses those anymore anyway? Maybe I’m not that much of a neat freak after all! I saw these and immediately wanted to relocate them over to the Crayola supplies. This is a perfect solution for holding coloring books, colored pencils, markers and crayons! A simple one-stop grab for when your children want to color.

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