Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bye Bye Babies R Us, Hello Buy Buy Baby!

Three years ago when I was registering for baby goodies during my pregnancy I had many friends from out of state tell me that I had to register at a store called Buy Buy Baby. I had never heard of such a place, as there weren't any locations in the Boston area. So I registered, like all my Boston friends, at Babies R Us (as well as Magic Beans, a local baby boutique.) Over the last few years Babies R Us has unfortunately been my go-to store (if it is something I need immediately, otherwise everything comes from Amazon) as there is always one conveniently close by.

I have never enjoyed shopping at Babies R Us- it has strictly been a convenience thing. If I had a Target closer by, I would go there instead, but I literally have a Babies R Us on the street behind my house (and Target doesn't have the selection that BRU has). The customer service at Babies R Us is sub-par at best. The place is usually a mess and terribly stocked. The products they sell are average baby products. Everything that you buy in a box looks like it has been used and returned before and just wrapped in tape. I will go there if I am desperate for diapers or something that I can't wait 24 hours for Amazon to deliver.

A few months back a Buy Buy Baby opened up 20 minutes away from my house, and yesterday I was finally able to get to it to check it out. Let me say right now, I will never go back to Babies R Us. I will happily drive the extra 20 minutes to Buy Buy Baby to purchase any and all baby related items (again that I can't wait 24 hours for via Amazon - can you tell I am obsessed with Amazon???).

The store was immaculately clean, and carries such a variety of brands for every item. I was shocked to see some high end brands (UppaBaby, Aden & Anais, Boon, Puj, Magnificent Baby, etc.) stocked in the store - and totally delighted. Their stroller department had almost every brand of stroller I have ever heard of - all available for you to try out on the spot. Every car seat, bouncer, bassinet, pack n' play, etc., is out for you to actually see put together, unlike BRU. The furniture department was pretty impressive as well. And the few employees that I interacted with were a total delight.

My only complaint was the lack of options in the bottle department. I think there were only 5 brands to choose from (Avent, Dr. Browns, Playtex, Born Free and one other) - none of those new bottles that actually look more like a boob than a traditional bottle nipple (as that was something I was actually looking for).

Other than that, it was a great shopping experience, and I highly recommend you all traveling to Braintree (exit 6 off 93S, right behind Pier 1 and Barnes & Nobles) to check it out! Oh and they have special parking not only for pregnant women, but women with children - about time!!


  1. Yes! LOVE Buy Buy Baby- should have put it on my Top Ten : ) Also love that they take Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons- a definite plus!

  2. I second what the commenter above said - I love that they take BB&B coupons since they're the same company! Love that place!

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