Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Everything Is Rosie (Pope)

I’m serious when I say that I feel like if Rosie Pope and I had met before she made it to the top, we’d be the best of friends.  She would love my hilarious jokes; her long blond locks bouncing in the air as she laughed hysterically (yes, I am that funny), and  I would answer her endless middle-of-the-night phone calls, as she ran her new ideas for business ventures by me.  We would e-mail brand logo possibilities back and forth, and she would write “Lunch was great today- can’t wait to do it again!” on my Facebook wall.  When she pitched the show idea to Bravo and felt good about how it went, I’d take the Acela into New York City, and we’d go to the Gansevoort rooftop bar to celebrate.  Yes, we are an adorable pair, I know.

But back to reality... me sitting in a sweatsuit ensemble sans bra, chomping on Snyder’s pretzel nuggets and watching her birth her third child into the world via DVR.  Despite us not having the relationship we were meant to have, I’ve got to say, I still love her.  Not everyone agrees with me--in fact, it seems many people are put-off not only by her much debated "accent", but the concept of the show in general.  Yes, she takes on some spoiled mamas whose “tweet” of the day would most likely read:  One of Madison's seven ponies escaped over the mansion fence today - $10,000 reward for safe return home!”, but this season she has put herself out there a little more than she has in the past.  

Whether it is taking on the real issues: mom/daughter relationships, breastfeeding difficulties, vaccinations, or showcasing the cray-crays (we all remember Fritz who wanted his wife to grab hold of a tree in a forest and bear down, or the couple that wanted a “go with the flow” baby who would accompany them wine tasting), she has done well for herself this season (and don’t think I didn’t notice your fabulous cleft-chin, Alison, director of Rosie Pope Maternity!).  Bravo to you, Bravo!


  1. it's funny you wrote about this! I wrote a post after I watched the first episode of the season, and talked about how it was already much better than the last season, but then after a few episodes I couldn't take it anymore. She just has the most outlandish stupid people on there that it drives me crazy!!
    I have no problem with her, I just want to slap all of her clients. Like that one woman that wanted to have everything green, but not really, and didn't want to vaccinate her child??? UGh made me so mad.
    I will totally catch the ones I missed the last month though during a reunion some time. I love her husband though!

  2. Yes! Sooo much better than last season in some ways, but the "population" she works with could use a change. I like her because she knows what she's talking about, but as you said- tolerating the clients- yikes! Maybe they can do a spin-off reality show of Rosie one-on-one with her therapist, breaking down all of these moms : ) I'd watch!