Friday, August 3, 2012

When Good Woobies Go Bad

My daughter sleeps with many things in her bed at night. She has three woobies (or lovies) - Mr. Woobie, aka Mr. Woobs, who is her favorite and is basically king of the castle, Giraffe Woobie who is second in command, Monkey Woobie, Miles the Bunny and now a Llama Llama doll that my mother bought for her. There have been other things in the past year that she has rotated in, like a Dot the Ant doll I bought when I worked at Disney in college (from Bug's Life), a little soft green pillow, and as of late she has wanted to sleep with this little yellow Lego flower. What can I say, the kid is weird!

Every night before we leave her room we do "roll call" and make sure all of her "friends" are in her bed with her. She immediately grabs Mr. Woobs and gets him all settled in her arms before she falls asleep. Everyone else takes a back seat to Mr. Woobs...until two nights ago.

I was awakened to screams from the monitor around 2:30 AM on Wednesday morning and look at the screen to see M hurrying out of her bed (this has never happened before). She is unable to get out of her room, as there is one of those door knob blocker things on there, so she is pounding on the door as I run down the hall to her. I find her standing there sobbing and saying "I'm scared of Woobie! I'm scared of Woobie!" I scooped her up and brought her to my bed (hubby is away for work so it was just me) where she fell back to sleep about 30 minutes later after I calmed her down.

Fast forward to the following night, where at the exact same time the same thing happens - she screams, gets out of bed, I go to her room and she tells me "I'm scared of Woobie!" and ends up in my bed again. I begin to think this is a dramatic act on her part and a means to end up in Mommy's big comfy bed (a very rare occurrence) but I let it slide and she and I sleep for a couple more hours - along with our big dog who has recently had mental problems and now can't be left alone (more on that in another post).

So last night I promised her we could lay in Mommy's bed before she went to sleep and watch a movie. I ask her if she wants me to bring any of her "friends" and she says ok, so I went to her room and grabbed Mr. Woobs. Well, as soon as I brought him into the bed she threw him back at me and said "No thanks Woobie. Mom you take him." I was shocked, and put him on my nightstand. "Are you sure you don't want Mr. Woobs to watch the movie with us?" to which she replied "I said No Thanks Woobie."

After the movie (Rescuers 2 Down Under - what a terrible movie by the way!!) I bring her into her room and realize I left Mr. Woobs in my room. I tell her I am going to go get him and she says "No Mom. He stays in your room. No Thanks Mr. Woobs."

This child has slept with Mr. Woobs during every night and every nap, every airplane ride and long car ride for the last 2 years of her life! He is the first thing that she checks for when she goes to sleep! And now he is dead to her...WTF did Mr. Woobs do to M in her dreams?

I asked her last night if she remembers being scared by Mr. Woobs and she said "yeah, he was mean." Apparently he did something terrible to her in a dream that first night, and now they have broken up. Today at nap time she didn't even want her #2 Giraffe Woobie in bed with her either. What kind of crazy hi-jinx did her Woobies get up to her in her head? I have mental images of them being 10 feet tall, with crazy eyes and fangs trying to smother her...with scary circus music playing in the background.

But I guess we will never know...makes me sad to think Mr. Woobs and Giraffe Woobie will be absent from roll call. At least until they apologize to M for whatever they did to her in her dreams.

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