Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm Like Sandra Bullock in Speed

My daughter Val, now 6 weeks old, is pretty much the opposite of my first born, M. Val is breastfed, M wanted nothing to do with the boob. M was an incredible sleeper, Val can only sleep when being held by someone. M was born early, Val was on time. Val is thriving, M was an itty bitty peanut. M has blue eyes, Val has very dark brown. M looks like me, Val looks like my husband...yada yada yada...which brings me to the topic of this post...M loved the car, Val LOATHES the car.

I seriously hate going anywhere with Val in tow because I know that the majority of the car ride I will have my arm on her carseat, shaking it back and forth (as much as it allows of course), constantly saying "Shhhhhh - it's ok Val. Mommy is here. We're almost (insert there, home, etc.)." And poor M next to her in the backseat just says "What's wrong with Val??" over and over. It does not make for fun adventures to say the least.

As soon as we get to our destination and I get her out of her carseat she is peachy keen. Even if I leave her in her car seat, just the movement of getting her out of the car and inside stops her crying.

The only time she isn't crying while in the car is when we are on the highway, doing at least 50 MPH. I kid you not, if we hit the brakes to slow from 80 to 75, she does not like it! Driving on a road where you hit every light - forget it. Breakdown central - and I mean Val not other automobiles.

So whenever I am in the car with Val I do my best not to slow down if possible. If on the highway I use my Spidey senses to try and avoid getting behind a car going slower than I am. No, I am not weaving in and out of traffic like a fool, but I am so much more aware of cars going slower around me. I feel like I am like Sandra Bullock in the movie Speed, where she can't let the bus go below 60 MPH or the bomb will go off.

The bomb in this case is a 6 week old with lungs of steel and a cry that will break any humans heart. (Booyah!)