Saturday, September 1, 2012

The State Of My Shirt

When you become a mother you put the welfare of your children before all else. Everything takes a back burner to making sure your children are fed, bathed, entertained, well rested and educated. Gone are the days when my needs were most important. I no longer splurge on clothes, make-up and shoes for myself, but spend the majority of my money on making sure my girls look good. I dress them to the nines when we go out, and myself to the threes, max.

While pregnant I pretty much wore the same thing every day. My uniform consisted of either maternity yoga pants or jean capris, with one of five short sleeved maternity t-shirts. By the end of my pregnancy I wanted to burn them. Too bad I am still wearing my uniform because at two weeks postpartum I am obviously not back in my regular clothes. Now most days I am just chilling at home taking care of a two week old, so I couldn't really care less what I looked like. I am lucky to shave my legs every three or four days...and maybe I put on mascara once a week.

I had forgotten much about caring for a newborn, including how much fluid is constantly coming out of their orifices, whether it be spit up, pee or poop. And with a chest cold right now (thanks to older sister) Val is hacking up some lovely mucus on top of all that other fun stuff.

So the other day, which happen to be the first day I was home alone with my two girls, I took a look down at myself while sitting on the floor of the playroom...please see exhibit A: a coral 3/4 length sleeved shirt that I actually used to wear when I went out at night that has since been demoted to pajama or loungewear status.

I had just taken our new double stroller out for a walk with the pooch so I had sweat stains under my boobs and under arms

My boobs had leaked through the sports bra (with pads in them) so I had two lovely spots right where my nips were.

Val had spit up on me, on both shoulders.

I had made M a smoothie and of course spilled some on my shirt, as I can't go a meal or a drink without spilling on myself now.

Val peed on me when I picked her screaming self up while getting her diaper changed- which she equates to Chinese water torture.

And to top it off the yoga pants I was wearing had a giant whole in the crotch.

All of this I realized after having been out in public, and hosted a play date at my house.

And so is the life of a mother of two.

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  1. You put the welfare of your children before all else. Indeed true. And you will fully understand what your parents experienced with you before too. thanks for this.