Saturday, October 6, 2012

Falling Into Place

Was it just the intense summer heat or the sleepless nights with a newborn that had me jaded by “Mommyhood”?  It seems now that fall has hit, everything is settling into place.  The post-partum belly has started to subside significantly, making way for ensembles of brightly colored sweaters and skinny jeans with boots.  And in true New England fashion, a matching scarf for each outfit is not far behind.  But more important than my keeping The Loft in business, Birdie continues to sleep well since being “Ferberized,” she is staying in the right weight percentile after switching over to formula from our problematic go at breastfeeding, and her reflux has reduced significantly after the GI Specialist told us to put oatmeal in her bottle.  What was once a grunty, moody, small and unhappy baby has now turned into a bubbly, curious and cheeky (literally) plump bird; bright-eyed and excited to face each new day.

It is with this change in my daughter that I find that same change in myself; more energy (or at least subconsciously faking it), eagerness to get out and enjoy the perfectly lovely days that we have had recently (the clouds are currently rolling in, so do not hold me to this), and ambition galore (homemade baby food here we come!). It is such an unreal concept it is to me, that a little being weighing less than fifteen pounds can completely change your outlook of the world around you.  Inspiring?  Yes.  Corny?  Without a doubt.

What a completely mushy and one-hundred-and-fifty percent accurate statement it is that we learn more from our children than we could ever teach them.  But I will try to do my best to teach my daughter all the important things she should know.  However, something tells me that, day after day, Birdie is going to continue to school me.

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