Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I am obsessed with my babysitter...and I don't feel one bit of guilt!

A couple months ago I wrote a post about how guilty I felt hiring someone to help with the two girls, as I was a stay at home mom. As a SAHM I felt like taking care of my girls was my "job" and if I had hired someone to help me, I was a failure at said job. After a few weeks of managing the two girls by myself, with no family around to help me, I started to feel ok about the idea of getting a little extra help. I had a newborn that refused to take a bottle, and refused to be out of someones arms, oh and hates the car too, so I was unable to get anything done. So we hired a fabulous young thing who from hence forth will be known as "Faith" on this blog.

I knew before I even met Faith that I would like her. Her response to my post on Sittercity started with "you had me laughing out loud at your job post!" She thinks I am funny? Well you are hired dear girl!

I had reservations at first about hiring Faith though, because she is fresh out of college, and new to Boston, but after meeting her I felt like we instantly clicked. And I knew she was a good person when M took an instant liking to her too. M tends to clam up around strangers, but Faith made her feel so comfortable right off the bat that they were instant playmates. And Val? Well she is all smiles at everyone, but Faith handled her with such love and care that I knew this was going to work out.

Fast forward two months to today and I am living guilt free about having Faith come help me out two days a week. I so look forward to those two mornings that she comes to our house. I can take M to school without having to deal with a crying baby. I can take my time at the grocery store without having to have Val strapped to me. I can run errands ten times more quickly than I can with babes in tow. I can put away my laundry that has been piling up. I can even work on some crafts and gifts that I have been making without having to hold a baby in one arm!

And did I tell you she does housework too? Jealous yet? HA! For the money we are paying her you would expect her to cook a gourmet meal every morning, but she does everything but. The girls' laundry is done and put away. Beds are made. The dishes are clean and put away. The house is tidy. She is worth every penny if you ask me!

Just this short 10 hour period a week has given me my sanity back. The sleepless nights that I still have are counteracted by my ability to be able to run and get my nails done, by myself. That alone time really rejuvenates this tired Mama, and I can't recommend it more to all you busy SAHMs out there. Get help. Have a grandparent watch the kids for a few hours a week. No family close, like us? Hire someone through Sittercity or!

And let all that guilt go! I still watch my kids 99% of the rest of the week, so it isn't that big of deal in the grand scheme of their little lives.

And no, you cannot have Faith! She is mine...all mine :)


  1. I love seeing a post where a happy mama is thankful for her nanny/sitter!

  2. I'm a 1st time dad and was pleased to see our hospital (huge, big-city hospital that delivers 4000 babies a year) using good diapers. I had never changed a diaper so I had the nurse give me detailed instructions. She said the honest diapers are the best.