Monday, December 3, 2012

Monkey business

Mama J passed along an enticing invitation the other day--a chance to attend an exclusive premiere of Curious George's seventh season at our local Coolidge Corner Theater. I jumped at it. After all, S and I both love George, and we both love going to the movies. (Ok, so S has really only gone to one other movie in her life, but she seemed to enjoy herself... and did I mention that I really love going to the movies?)

Plus, as every parenting book will tell you, when you welcome a second baby into your family, you should try to schedule one-on-one time with your eldest whenever possible. Of course, this is easier said than done, considering baby #2 is attached to my boob these days. But to make S happy, and for a chance to visit with our favorite curious monkey, I'd make it happen.

S preferred to wave to George from afar.

So S and I had our mommy/daughter date on Friday, and we had a fine time for ourselves. During the show, S sat on the edge of her seat--literally, because she's not big enough to hold down the theater seat any other way--snacking on the buffet of goldfish crackers and juice boxes set before us. And thanks to the kind folks hosting the event, who must have known that I have a newborn at home and am seriously sleep-deprived, I had a big ol' cup of coffee. It was glorious.

George did not disappoint, with his fantastic adventures to the Australian Outback, complete with koalas and emus. Seems Season 7 is going to be all about animals, so if your preschooler is anything like S (whose favorite game involves donning animal masks and chasing each other around the kitchen), they'll love it. Besides, George is waaay better than Dora, in my opinion.

The seventh season of Curious George premieres December 3rd (today!) on PBS.

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