Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mama Shrugged

I've prided myself on having a reasonably healthy family meal on the table at 6pm-ish most every night. I've followed the admirable techniques embodied in the book Child of Mine, in which the "divison of labor" is that it is my job to put the food in front of the girls, and their job to eat (or not eat) it. I've struggled with the Duchess's multiple food allergies (dairy, wheat, egg, nuts/tree nuts, and shellfish) and worked hard to make it so that she could have most meals together with us. I've even dealt with my husband's periodic low-carb diet stints by making sure rice or whatever was on the side so he could skip it.  Despite my best efforts, I have ended up eating a lot of leftovers.

This December, I had had enough. I decided to take a hiatus from cooking dinner.  I've been ordering weekly meals just for myself from a local chef and giving my kids separate food and leaving the Grump to forage for himself (he actually likes this). We still eat dinner at the same time together - that will never change - but I'm doing a lot of microwaving now.  My special food is really good, but vegan and gluten free - and small(ish) portions, so I have been adding my own extras because I'm nursing. 

I had thought the Grump would object to the cost (it's not outrageously expensive, but it's not cheap), but to my surprise, he responded well to me saying that I was going on a diet to be healthy. I also felt bad at first because in doing so, I am not really providing new tastes to the Duchess and Honey, the latter of whom is incredibly picky. (Occasionally I give the Duchess a taste).

This is a little extreme for me - usually I am a Weight Watchers person (and I have actually been paying for my monthly membership without using it - ugh).  But I think it is good to switch up the old routine from time to time.  And it is so fun to get the weekly deliveries and have them to eat every day.  I'm not going to do this forever, just until I get back into my regular diet and exercise routine.  Or I should say, a better diet and exercise routine!

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