Monday, January 28, 2013

Top Ten Favorite Products of a First Time Mama Bird (6-9 Month Edition)

I’m backkkkk, and I’m bringing my newest loves with me!  That’s right, my Top Ten favorite things we just couldn’t have lived without these past three months.  As Bird grows, so do her needs (and ours too), and though many of our tried and true products we love have stuck with us, some additions just had to be made!

Hanna Andersson Swedish Moccasins-  These babies are ah-maz-ing.  The go on sale at least once a year (for about $10/pair), but even at the current retail value I think they are worth it!  Stretchy, soft, and washable, these slipper shoes stay on well, can go over or under pants, and keep baby’s feet perfectly warm in the cooler weather (but in winter I throw a pair of socks underneath just to double up).

Aden + Anais Slumber Muslin Sleeping Bag Single Layer-  Our condo is one of three units within our brownstone, and unfortunately, the heating system is a one-shot deal.  It is also located right by the door, meaning that if the door opens in the freezing cold weather, up goes the heat.  Moral of the story?  Our home is consistently too warm, and therefore we don’t love putting Birdie in thicker sleepsacks with her jammies.  This single layer warmer weather sleepsack is still the perfect “sleep association” without the added warmth.  Another Aden + Anais home run!

Kidco Go-Pod Baby Activity Seat-  In our household, we attempt to provide Bird with open-ended toys to play with, and that includes activity seats.  Though we wanted a safe spot to put her in, we weren’t all that thrilled about the typical exersaucer.  In enters the Go-Pod!  Is it gorgeous?  Absolutely not, but, it folds up amazingly to travel with (we travel with it at least once a month), it is super lightweight, and you can attach your own toys to the hooks sewn on to the top.  Baby teething?  Throw on a frozen teether, etc.

Finger Puppet Books-  Our daughter is huuuge into books these days, but one of her ultimate favorites is her “Little Snowman” finger puppet book.  In fact, she has loved it so much that I just purchased a “Little Dolphin” and “Little Turkey” one.  Short and sweet, these tactile books provide an adorable little story to go with every themed puppet.

Sugar Booger Sippy Cups-  I looked long and hard for a sippy cup that did not have a spill proof lid, or flow regulator.  I know, you think I’m insane.  And I kind of am.  BUT...I really wanted Bird to be able to practice using a cup the way she eventually would need to use one.  These cups are the ideal compromise.  Though they are in no way spill-proof, they do have a sippy top.  I help her hold the cup, and let her have a go at it--sometimes with the lid, sometimes without.  ***Tip:  Let your child practice in the bath tub before you put the soap in.  Or, as we usually do, either in the morning before changing out of jammies, or at night before getting into clean jammies.  Either way, a sopping wet onesie doesn’t hurt anyone!

Bugaboo Universal Foot Muff-  In case you haven’t noticed, it has been absolutely freezing out.  I put off getting some sort of bunting for our stroller for quite some time, but right before Thanksgiving I caved.  Thank the Lord!  This foot muff has been a savior for quick walks to get fresh air, going to classes, or running errands.  Bonus?  No lost shoes!

Remo Rhythm Club Bongos-  Number one, these drums are hysterical on their own.  Who doesn’t love tiny little bongos?  But even funnier?  A six-month-old banging on them.  What I truly love is I know it’ll be something she’s into one day, and not so into the next, but they will be able to be used on and off for years.  Add a tambourine and a bell, and two friends over for a play date, and you’ve got yourself a band, folks!

Baby Wiggle-  When I was expecting, one mom told me I absolutely had to take this class.  And she was right.  Wayyyy right.  Birdie has been jamming with her friends at Wiggles for over three months now, and simply cannot get enough.  Interactive, inclusive, and downright fun, this class is probably the best one we have taken yet!

Radio Flyer Wagon-  Santa may have been a little overly generous with our daughter this year, and honestly, most of it wasn’t worth it.  This, however, was.  Even though she was barely pulling herself up when she received this, just a month later she is pushing it around the house (watch out, dog!).  It is great quality, and bottom heavy, which makes it less likely to tip over with the force of a little one (those plastic ones go right over, if you ask me).  ***Tip: You can store miscellaneous toys in it, or make it “themed” (we do books, some people do blocks, etc.).

First Years Stacking Cups-  Yes, these have been on my list before.  But they have once again made an appearance because I have decided that these $3.50 cups are truly, the best invention known to mankind.  Bath?  Fantastic.  Tower?  Awesome.  Banging together?  Heaven.  Really, she is head-over-heels for these things.

Do you have a child under one?  What are some of your must haves?


  1. Great list! I love the Radio Flyer wagon too - great for learning how to walk, and then you can always put stuff in it. We are still using ours, and the Duchess is four now. I would add that if your baby under one is transitioning out of the swaddle, that the Baby Merlin sleepsack is a keeper - never had one for the Duchess or Honey, but Ladybug is doing really well with this. As for sippy cups, I love the idea of practicing in the bathtub. I use take and toss because a) I am cheap and b) you can keep them in beds at night, which the Duchess and Honey insist upon. Sounds like you are having fun!

  2. M lived in her mocs from Hannah! Can't wait until Val can fit into them...I actually didn't know you could wash them! Love the Radio Flyer too...and took many a Baby Wiggle class. Let me know when you take another and maybe we will join you!!