Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tweet, tumble, post, pin, wuphf, meow & ribbit!

(ok so I made up the last 2, but can anyone guess where Wuphf is from?)

I have social media overload right now. I just signed up for a Tumblr account, and I am overwhelmed. Do I need a Tumblr account? No. Do I even know what Tumblr is? Not really! I will just add it to the list of time consuming (more like time-wasting) social media outlets that I spend a good chunk of my day. Actually I think I could spend all day just posting and pinning and tweeting and wuphfing if I had to...not that I would want to, but seriously this crap takes time!

Before I went to a Mommy blogging event last September I basically used the blog, and then promoted the blog on our Facebook page. At that event I was the only person, out of 15 bloggers, that didn't use Twitter. And I don't mean just "use" Twitter, these ladies were tweeting like it was their job and also had hundreds of people following them! So I reluctantly succombed to the peer pressure and signed up for a Twitter account as soon as I got home. I had been avoiding twitter, because it is basically all facebook-status-like updates from people you don't know. Do I really care what celebrities are doing all during the day? Do I care what anyone else is doing during the day really? I figured I guess I should start to care, as well as share my thoughts with my now 67 followers, if I want to grow the blog and get our little site out there for all to read. When setting up my account I made it so whenever I tweet something, it also goes on the BBM Facebook page.

Then I created an Instagram account, so I could share photos of products and my every day life with the ladies. This account now links to my Tumblr, which links to Twitter, which links to Facebook.

And of course I have my Pinterest account (which is my favorite of all). I don't have this linked to any other account because I don't want to take up everyone's Facebook News Feed with my constant pinning of everything from paper flower tutorials to ab workouts that I will never ever do. I do re-pin a lot of stuff that Mama Bird pins, and she pins some amazing kid-oriented stuff, so you should check my Pinterest account out if you are going to follow me on anything!

And as of today I have Tumblr account, and like I said before, I am still not sure what to use that one for. From what I can tell it is kind of like a blog/Pinterest/Instagram/You Tube combo-platform, where you can post photos, videos, quotes, websites you like, etc.. When you start your Tumblr "blog" as they call it you have to fill out all your other account info so that people can basically follow your every move all day long, but I am so out of touch that I don't know what half of these media outlets are!! Do you? What is Dribble? Reddit? Stumbleupon? Rdio? Github? Svpply? WTF? (I do know what WTF is of course :)

When I asked my friends on Facebook if it was worth having a Tumblr account, my niece (who is 19) was the first to respond and told me "yes, if you want to see photos of naked women, as that is all that is on there." Hmmm...not exactly what I had in mind, so we will see where this goes. But if I do post something on Tumblr, I can have it post to my Twitter, which will then post to my Facebook...

...which will then Wuphf on my fax machine, which will then meow on my pager, which will then ribbit to my CB radio.

My head hurts.

PS. Follow me on any of these Social media outlets by clicking the links at the right! You know you are on all these too...I am not the only crazy!!


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