Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I need a vacation from my vacation

Lately it seems that a lot of us Mamas have been traveling (or preparing to travel) in some form or another with our babes in tow. Jules just took a long car trip by herself with her three little ones - to which I say "Jules you are one bad ass Mama Jama for doing that alone! More power to you sista friend!" Jessie is about to embark on an out of country adventure with hubs and her kids, as well as her parents for some added help - to which I say "that is the way to travel my lady!"

Last night I returned from a 9 day "vacation" (and I use that term VERY loosely) at my parents house in Florida. Is going to your parents' ever really a vacation though? Especially when you are without your husband? And with two kids? Yeah, not so much.

this photo cracks me up every time
My husband had to go away for work for 6 days, and instead of sticking around Boston and dealing with the kiddies myself (the thought of doing bed time by myself 6 nights in a row scared the crap out of me) I figured it was an ideal time to take our annual spring break down to the sunshine state. My mom so graciously offered to fly up to Boston two days before our departure and fly back down with the kids so I had the much needed help of another adult. Now, I probably could have done the flight with the two kids by myself - if I had drugged them both, put M back in a diaper and taken a 10 PM flight. That wasn't happening so I was so grateful for my mom's help. She is what I would call "the entertainer," and I am the "care taker" so we work well as a team.

I had been sick for a few days but was finally starting to feel better, and thought maybe, just maybe we would have an illness-free trip. Alas, the universe bites me in the ass and laughs in my face, and gives my dear sweet M the pukey pukes the night before our departure. Luckily she was able to hold things down the morning of our flight, so we headed off to the airport...where our flight was delayed by 3 hours.

M somehow developed a chest cold on the flight and started coughing uncontrollably the first few days - so much so she was throwing up again. Val's teething was kicked into high gear and she was gnawing on everything in site, drooling like a faucet, and very irritable. And then my cold that went away came back (oh and I got my period for the first time in a year and a half - TMI I know but just added to my issues). Oh and to cap the weekend off Marlo developed a double ear infection and we once again visited the walk-in clinic down the road (which we have gone to the last three times we have visited my parents).

The weather was lovely, but not swimming weather, so we only got in the pool twice in the 9 days we were there.

When I think of vacation, I think of a departure from your every day life. Sure it was 70 degrees outside, but I was basically doing what I do every day, just with my legs hanging out. I was making sure everyone was fed, giving baths, sucking snot out of noses, changing diapers, changing clothes 10 times a day, doing laundry, getting up multiple times a night, etc.. It was, of course, helpful to have my mother around as it is a second set of hands all day, but the girls never napped at the same time, so there was always someone to be entertained.

And then you factor in the Paleo diet. I had to go to Whole Foods (twice) to stock up on cooking ingredients and groceries for myself for the week. That also meant I was cooking every meal while I was there. We did go out 3 times, which was a welcomed change, but for the most part I was slicing and dicing and sautéing and broiling my way through the week. Just like I do at home.

Thankfully my husband came down to Florida after his trip and was able to fly back with us, because our flight home was anything but relaxing. Val was screaming because she was tired and her gums hurt so badly. Marlo hadn't napped and apparently didn't realize that there were a hundred other people on the plane and she too was shrieking up a storm and giving me the "No! Mom, no!"

And today it was right back to my busy days of doctor's appointments, running errands, unpacking, doing laundry, making beds, putting screaming children down to for naps...

Oh how I long for a vacation...at a hotel...without kids...with my husband...and many cocktails.


  1. Hi, Mama J. Man, you just can't catch a break on the vacation front. What a bummer. I'm glad you at least had helpers while your husband was out of town. My husband has traveled quite a bit later, and it's tough to manage all the kid stuff, cooking, tidying up, (endless!) laundry, work, etc.

    I am seriously thinking about doing a Whole 30. I checked out nomnompaleo per your suggestion (thanks!). I made the Kalua Pig the other night, as well as the World's Best Braised Cabbage. Holy cow were they good. I was already a coconut oil user, but I've since purchased Ghee, some coconunt milk in non-BPA-containing packaging and some coconut aminos to replace soy sauce.

    If/when you get a chance, it would be fantastic to hear about what you've been eating. It need not be fancy - a quick list of some of your favorites would be super helpful. I can let Google do the rest ;-)

    Hope everyone is feeling better! Thank you!!

  2. I am totally feeling your pain, Mama J! We went to beautiful Sanibel island last week and all four of us fell like dominos, one by one...pretty much someone was feverish, tired, sneezy, cough, or grumpy during our week in paradise. Thankfully I had presence of mind to keep my schedule light this week, and I'm finally getting that vacation from my vacation...at home. Hang in there!

  3. First of all, thanks for the shout-out. And I know what you mean about not having a vacation even when you are on vacation - we have to go to Whole Foods when we travel for the Duchess's dietary needs. It won't be long before they are big enough for you to have a real vacation...and then the fun will begin. (This is what I keep telling myself).

  4. I completely agree with you Mama J. When kids are down with ill-health, its such a pain. I too have my younger one teething and drooling all over the place. My heart does go out for them but then sometimes as you said - You need your cocktails and massages for me. To walk in a room where you don't step on toys scattered around is a definite dream. We will get there