Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm Soy Sad!

For realsies, I am.  It seems that for some reason, the “soy discussion” is back in the media more than ever.  I’ve always known soy wasn’t particularly great for you, but it always struck me as a healthier option to dairy, especially since...well, let’s just say, dairy and I aren’t the best of friends.  In fact, Bird takes after me, and when she was born we knew something was up with her digestion.  After pushing for some severe diaper analysis, it was discovered that there was microscopic blood in her stool.  The cure?  Stop breastfeeding/pumping and put her on a hypoallergenic formula, or completely cut out dairy and soy.  Honestly, I was perfectly happy and prepared to stop any and all dairy, but the soy was SO disappointing to me.  And I don’t even eat tofu, or tempeh, or any true protein source.  So why, you may ask, did it throw me for such a loop?  Because soy is in everything.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  Seriously.  Take a stroll through your favorite grocery store and read the labels.  It is b-a-n-a-n-a-s, I tell you.  I know this firsthand, because I stayed off of all dairy and soy for four months while I continued to pump, even after ending my breastfeeding journey when Birdie was two-months-old (though I know many people who have been dairy/soy free for much longer).

For me, it was an executive decision I made that I don’t regret.  However, I won’t lie when I say I was “jonesing” for an Iced-Venti-Soy-Skinny-Vanilla-Latte the size of my head.  And yes, you may insert your long exasperated sigh :::here:::, because my orders are truly that obnoxious (though the barista at the coffee shop assured me that there were plenty of empty boxes left to check off on the cup, which means I could up the elitist-coffee-ordering if I so choose, so stay tuned...).  But here’s the real kicker, folks:  recommended ounces of soy per day?  ONE.  Total ounces of liquid in a Venti?  TWENTY!  And when they say one ounce of soy, they mean fermented soy (aka: tempeh, miso, soy sauce), not the creamy vanilla delicious I so crave on a bi-daily basis.

So, fellow “Baby Mamas” (or Baby Dadas, Grandmas, Grandpas or Friends thereof), what kind of milk are you drinking these days?  And who wants to start a campaign with me to get almond milk in coffee chains, ‘cause I need a fix...


  1. We are a coconut milk household. I don't drink a lot of milk but when I have the occasional coffee I put coconut milk creamer in it (yes it has a little sugar - don't tell my paleo friends!). M still drinks regular old 2 percent. I can't hang with Almond milk for some reason, but know a ton of people who love it. You can't get coconut milk anywhere though - like in your coffee, etc. Almond milk I know Whole Foods offers in coffee, but does Starbucks?

  2. No! Starbucks does not :( Sucky, huh? Coconut milk sounds DELISH! We weren't sure Bird could be on regular milk (turns out she's doing okay so far), but our plans was a combo or coconut and almond milk. Yum! I think almond milk may be my next step.