Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 - I want to go to there

2013 was a meh year. Meh I say! 

I usually put a little poem detailing our yearly adventures on our Christmas card, but as I was designing this year's card I looked at my husband and said "wow, nothing has really happened this year that I care to share with people!" That about sums up 2013 for us. We didn't travel anywhere, no
Celebrate tonight like my toys did last night! :)
new jobs, babies, or homes (that is coming next year!). 

This year was full of sickness and surgeries - what's fun about that (unless it was a boob lift - which it was not). 

2013 I say GOOD DAY TO YOU! 

This next year is already full of exciting things both in my life and on the blog. We are building our dream home, so there will be lots of posts about that process (and damn is it already a process and we haven't even broken ground yet - that is supposed to happen Thursday, when it will be high of 12 degrees and snowing like mad, so NOT happening as planned). I have lots of creative things going that I can't wait to share with you too, including another year of photo-a-day (a post to come about that later today). I am also planning a big redesign of the blog, both visually and content-wise. The wheels in my head are turning...

Oh and back to clean eating after the last couple month of eating as dirty as possible. 

Won't you join me on my adventures???

May 2014 bring health and happiness to all of you. Be safe tonight!

Mama J

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