Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The House of Sick

Oh friends...it has been a tough month health-wise for our crew! We spent this morning at the hospital with M, as she is on day 4 of a GI bug and was pretty dehydrated. After some fluid replenishing she is on her way back to her normal self. Little Val has a constant stream of green boogies coming out of her nose, and I wonder why I have been sick for so long as I spend most of my day either sucking her boogers out with the Nose Frida or picking them out with my fingers. Gross, but I know you do it too!

And just two weeks ago, over the Thanksgiving holiday,  the stomach bug went through our entire family. Since then everyone has had a head cold at some point too. School days have been missed and play dates canceled. There have been multiple trips to the doctors, and today the hospital. We have gone through countless boxes of tissues, a ridiculous amount of laundry has been done, and if I have to mop up anymore vomit I might puke myself.

I just want all of this illness out of our house, and to have everyone healthy by Christmas. Is that too much to ask universe?

Ok...I must go tend to my little sickies, and take the next pill in my Z-pack.

Wishing you all a healthy holiday season!

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  1. Oh, Jess! I'm just about to post my household sickie post, too! It sucks! I'm sorry you guys had to deal with the hospital. Poo!