Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Goodbye Isis

I woke up this morning to some heartbreaking news. The entire parenting community of Boston was shocked when Isis Parenting announced that it is closing all of it's locations.

I don't even know where to begin.

I have had a long love affair with Isis, and have written about the classes I have taken there many times here on the blog. I have even written for them on their blog. They have been a huge part of my life for over 4 years, and it hurts my heart to think that I won't have access to the centers, and the wonderful people that work there anymore.

I was actually at their Needham location yesterday for class with Val, which we are only half way through. I was greeted by the same woman that I always see each week at the front desk, who commented on how big Val has gotten, as she has known her since birth. I stopped and chatted to one of my favorite teachers, Nicole, who lead my Second Time Moms class, and whom I still keep in touch with. I am so sad to think that I won't have the opportunity for days like that again.

I began my relationship with Isis before M was even born. Hubs and I took our pre-natal classes there and then as soon as M was born I signed up for Great Beginnings - a class offered to first time moms.

Only those that have taken the GB class at Isis can truly understand how life changing and important that class is for new moms. It was a safe haven for us to share our most intimate details of our lives and not be judged, as none of us had any clue what the hell we were doing. We created a bond that will never be broken. I still keep in touch with every person in that class, and a handful have grown to become some of my closet friends. Seriously, we will be friends forever - we will be at each other's kids weddings - that good of friends. And I have no one but Isis to thank for bringing us together.

I continued classes with Marlo right up until she went to pre-school last year. I started my Second
Time Mom's class with Val when she was 12 weeks old, and it was like coming home again. That feeling of being in a safe place, with an amazing group of women going through the same crazy experience that you are, who can relate to all your thoughts and feelings that your husband might otherwise think insane.

I can honestly say that I have taken every class that Isis has to offer - and truly loved every one (ok so I had one instructor that I wasn't fond of, but apparently neither was Isis as she didn't work there much long after my class!) I can't imagine my life without Isis. Because of my experiences of Isis I am the mom that I am today.

I feel a great sadness for those women out there that won't be able to experience what my friends and I experienced at Isis, especially the Great Beginnings class. When you are a new mom, home with your baby that won't stop crying, or won't take your breast, or won't sleep or all of the above, you need a support group outside of your Husband and family. You need to surround yourself with women who are experiencing what you are experiencing at that very moment. You need the support from other moms so that you don't collapse under the stress of this giant life change that is a new baby. I advise all of you new moms to search out new moms groups in your community. Now that Isis is gone, I am not sure where you look, but please look for your own good.

To the Isis Community, I thank you for all that you have done for me, my husband, my girls and my friends. I thank you for bringing me together with such amazing women. I thank you for being a welcomed break in my day, something to look forward to every week all these years. I thank you for all the advice and support and guidance over the years. From the countless tweets with Nancy Holtzman when I was breastfeeding, to the hours of sleep advice from Teresa Stewart, to every nugget of advice (Sleep begets sleep people!!) that I have received from my numerous instructors (a special shout out to Rebecca Koskinen who taught us for multiple classes in a row).

You have all made me the mother I am today.

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  1. I echo this all. My first baby is 9 months and those 9 other mamas I met in my Great Beginnings class saved me in that new mom period of hell we all go through, but nobody talks about (unless you're in Great Beginnings!). There is so much that makes me sad about Isis closing, but mostly that it won't be that safe space for future moms to rely on like we did. Thanks for this great posts. It's amazing how many thousands of moms feel the same way as we do about Isis - it's hard to believe this happened.