Sunday, February 2, 2014

They Get Me Every Time...

Tonight M and I watched the movie Up. It hasn't been in the rotation as of late (Finding Nemo, I love you but I cannot watch you for the one millionth time!) so I was excited when she wanted to watch one of her old favorites. But I know that every time I watch it, I need to keep a tissue handy, as in the "life of Ellie and Carl" montage there is a moment that gets me every time. Watch this, if you haven't seen it before. 

This scene gets me every time. EVERY TIME! I have seen this movie approximately 15 times, but it is one of the few scenes in movies that brings me to tears no matter how many times I haves seen it. Ellie and Carl are so happy together, and they have built this exciting life, and find out they are pregnant, and she is devastated she loses the baby, and she is depressed and Carl doesn't know what to do...and the music! Sweet Fancy Moses, the music! It is just movie perfection. 

The King of scenes from movies that make me bawl is this one (which I just watched before writing this post and went through 2 tissues): 

If this doesn't make you cry, you might be a Cyborg. This scene is seriously the most emotionally gut wrenching scene of any movie ever, for me. It just makes me think about if this was to ever happen to Hubs and I - and I cannot stop the waterworks! They are obviously still so in love, but he was gone for so long, and she never gave up hope, but she had to move on, because there were no leads, and now she has a family with Mr. Big, and he is a dentist so he has that going for him, but Tom still has the pocket watch with her photo in it, that he looked at every day on the island and basically kept alive his will to live...OMG tears!!! And when she gets in the car like she is going to run away, but she knows she can't...booooo hooooo!!!

And then of course there is the final 10 minutes of Toy Story 3. I will never forget watching this in the movie theater and not being able to catch my breath I was bawling so hard. Such story telling magic! I seriously thought the toys were going to meet their end in the fiery furnace at the dump! And then this brilliant ending happens (yes, this music is not from the original, but from Lost - couldn't find the real clip): 

When Andy's mother comes in the room and realizes that he is leaving and says that she always wants to be with him, and then Woody goes with the toys to Bonnie's, and Andy doesn't want to hand Woody over to Bonnie, and then the toys are all on the front stoop with their new owner and they cut to Andy about to drive away - ARGGHHH!!! I can't help but tear up now just thinking about it, and I have seen this movie 100 times! 

The score in each of these scenes is what ultimately makes them such moving emotional clips. The rise and fall of the music at just the right place - it just grabs your heart and gives it a squeeze - which ultimately makes your eyes water and burn. 

Sometimes you just need a good cry, and that is where all these scenes come into play for me. Although the number one tear jerker for me is The Impossible, the movie about the tsunami. I saw it in a movie theater and literally went through two little packets of tissues, and walked out at the end with my eyes ridiculously swollen and red. I recommend everyone see that movie once - it is truly an incredible piece of work - one that I don't think I will ever be able to watch again (much like Shindler's List). 

I think I need to go watch Anchorman or something now - Panda Watch! 


  1. We have the book version of Toy Story 3 (well, it's got all 3), and I can't even get through that, much less the movie, without bawling my eyes out (yes, in that can't-catch-your-breath-after way).

  2. Up! OMG! That movie makes me cry! I guess because it's also easy to relate. Have you seen Big Fish and Millions? I have seen those two movies so many times and I cannot ever watch them without balling my eyes out.

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