Monday, July 27, 2009

Hospital: When to have guests?

It is, of course, totally up to you to decide when you feel ready to share your new bundle of joy with your family and friends. The insanity of the birthing experience might overwhelm you, and make you want some quality time with your husband and baby. Or you might still be on that epidural high and want to share in the moment with all of your loved ones. Keep in mind that you will be exhausted, so too many people might make you cranky. Your parents and in-laws will be itching to get their hands on your baby, but if you need your private time, be honest and let them know when they should leave.

“It was good guests came day 1 when I was on a delivery high and the tail end of an epidural – I basically spent all of day 2 and part of 3 crying because it just sucked, hurt, was frustrating, etc. My mom came the night/late afternoon of the day – much later than I had the baby – which was good…right after delivery you want a few hours of just you, your hubby and new baby to let it sink in. “ – MAMA M

“I didn’t really want friends. It was very overwhelming and my hormones were raging. I think it all depends on the person – some people want people there the whole time. You’re in post-partum for at least an hour after birth, so you can’t really have visitors right away.” – MAMA E

“I enjoyed the company at the hospital. There you have everything you need right at your fingertips and a nurse to answer any questions and the baby is sleeping all the time. It is a great time for guests. Having guests once I got home was another story.” – MAMA S

“My parents and my in-laws arrived before I gave birth. It was 30 hours, so needless to say they had some time. It was kind of nice to have company and also good (at times) for my husband to have support. But due to circumstances I was not as social as I would have imagined being in the hospital, and until the baby is born and you have started to recover you never know what that will be.” – MAMA R

“I was ready to see people once the baby was born, but only for a little while because after my long labor I was tired. There was a little pressure knowing they were there but I was happy to share the moment with them. A little more time alone right after would have been nice – you have to spend some time in the OR getting put back together (after a c-section) so I am sure the parents were ready after waiting all that time but I actually didn’t even get to hold the baby until I was back in the labor/delivery room myself.” – MAMA C

“My mom was there during the whole day, she left the room just as I was starting the delivery. I have the philosophy that unless you were there when the baby was conceived, you don't get to be in the room! She waited outside and came back in after the baby was born. I was totally fine having visitors (just close friends and family) - Most of our friends all came the following day, so I guess it was nice having that whole first day to ourselves to relax a little. I wouldn't have wanted lots of people there right after (except parents/immediate family). “ – MAMA P

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