Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Smooth Sailing...well, Flying! (THE SHORT OF IT)

Here are some tips for traveling with a newborn...
  • Use Ziploc bags when packing your carry-on/diaper bag. Easy to grab things when going through security, or when you are on the plane so you don't have to take your entire diaper bag with you
  • Use a small wallet/wristlet. I used a Coach wristlet and in it put my ID, some cash, iPhone and boarding pass. This way I didn't have to rummage through a purse or my big wallet.
  • If traveling by yourself, strap that baby to you! I had my peanut in the Moby wrap and it made it so much easier to walk through the airport, go through security (FYI you do NOT have to take them out of the carrier to go through security), get food and shop for magazines in the tiny stores. If my husband was traveling with me, I probably would have kept her in a carseat and stroller, but I didn't want to have to deal with that all.
  • Bring a Boppy: this was a lifesaver on the plane and made it all the more comfortable for both of us
  • Get the Kindle application for iPhone: I have been using this for a while now, but it came in super handy on the flight. No fumbling with books and turning pages with one hand. It is free and is awesome.
  • Feed during take-off and landing: I don't know if this did the trick, but I did this and she didn't stir for the three hour flight. It was recommended to me by my pediatrician because babies can't clear their own ears.
  • If you have the UPPA Vista stroller, I highly recommend the travel case (amazon.com for $60). I checked it under the plane and was able to fill the bag with other things (pump, Ergo) because we just had the stroller frame in there - it fits the bassinet and seat as well.
  • Take advantage of people offering to help. I felt like I was pregnant again with all the people offering to open doors, lift bags, and help me out with random things.
  • If you are brining bottles, be sure to bring extra in case of delays
Do you have any travel insights or advice to share from your own experiences? Please comment!!