Friday, March 12, 2010

The Happy Spitter: Part 2

A few months back Mama S wrote a post entitled "The Happy Spitter." This was before I joined Mama-dom, and of course never thought my baby would have this problem. Oh was I wrong. Not a meal goes by that my little munchkin doesn't spit some back up: sometimes just dribble out the mouth, and sometimes like she turned on a hose. But the great thing about it - she is not phased by it one tiny bit!

When she first started doing it so consistently I was driving myself mad by changing her clothes 5 times a day, and doing load after load of laundry filled with onesies and burp cloths...but then my husband made a life changing suggestion - "why don't we use one of the hundred bibs we have in the nursery?" While they might cover up all those fabulous outfits her grandmother has purchased for her, they are truly a clothing saver (see giant bib on happy baby on right :).

And as for burp cloths - anything that is technically labeled "burp cloth" is a waste of our time. We have come to use only receiving blankets as burp cloths due to the sheer distance this little one can spit up. We still have about 15 of those blankets that you get at the hospital (yeah, we stole a few more than were offered) and they come in handy daily during feedings at our house!

So the point of this post? I guess...use bibs if your kid spits up...and little burp cloths are for sissies.


  1. I'm a new follower - so happy to have found your blog! My little guy is also a happy spitter and I was also doing a ridiculous amount of baby laundry each week...I finally decided that, unless there was poop involved, the outfit stayed on. And I totally agree - receiving blankets are the only way to go.