Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Can't be trusted when alone

There is so much talk about 'Pregnancy Brain'. But it makes sense - you are growing another being inside of you while trying to go about your daily routine - of course your focus is elsewhere! I had my fair share of forgetfulness throughout my 40 weeks, but it was nothing like the 'Mama Brain' that I am operating on these days - forgetfulness does not even come close.

I would say that at least once a day there is an incident (thankfully never to the detriment of my 21 week old), where my only excuse is 'I can't be trusted when alone'. And these incidents are only magnified when I recount them to my husband/he discovers them, when he was so used to my former Type A/on top of everything way of life.

A few highlights of the last 21 weeks?

1) Husband comes home from work and goes into kitchen drawer to grab a wine key ... hmm, what is my cell phone doing in there? NB: I had been home for the past 2 hours and didn't even know it was missing.

2) Husband flies in late from biz trip and finds my keys are still in the front door of our condo. NB: my keys are attached to my wallet (the result of another incident), clearly we have honest neighbors.

3) Making dinner and go into the freezer to take out the pine nuts. What is a lemon doing in there? NB: had been to the market earlier that day and was in a rush to unload the groceries when I got home. NB2: Freezing a lemon and then defrosting it, makes it juicer than putting it in the microwave!

4) On a morning stroll along the Charles with baby, when baby decides to boycott the stroll so we stop at the playground on the River to get out of the stroller and swing on the swings. Fast forward to 45 minutes later when we are exiting our neighborhood Starbucks, coffee in hand and momma can't find her vest ... yes, still at the playground. Thankfully, I think it is cardinal sin to steal from a playground, so it is still there when we return later that morning. NB: I have learned never to put very important things in an article of clothing that you can remove in public, the beta is too high!

5) Take the time to fill my wallet with quarters, in anticipation of parking at a meter spot in Brookline. Paying the lunch check hours later and wonder why my wallet is so heavy - ugh, forgot to pay the meter. NB: This incident actually helped me evade another incident when I needed those quarters (and nickels and dimes and pennies) to obtain a copy of my son's birth certificate from Cambridge City Hall - they are cash or check only!

I am sure, or at least I hope, that I am not the only Mama out there who has stories like this ... so share yours ... will make us all feel better!


  1. Ha ha! Thanks for sharing! My best (worst?) Mama brain moments:
    1. Threw away car keys at Subway. Didn't realize until a couple of hours later.
    2. Left debit card at restaurant. Again, had no idea for several hours.
    -H. Pierson

  2. If I'm as spacey as Momma Caroline I'll consider that a victory!! Nice first post from our class!!

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