Monday, April 26, 2010


My name is Mama J, and I am a crybaby.

It used to take something very emotional for me to well up, like the scene in the movie Castaway, where Helen Hunt runs out to Tom Hanks in the rain and kisses him so passionately and says "You're the love of my life!" Seriously, I just got choked up thinking about gets me every time!!!

But ever since I had my daughter I have become mush.  That commercial about the couple going on vacation as girlfriend/boyfriend and coming back as fiances? I can't even watch it. Anything on television that has anything to do with babies - forget about it. I have a friend that once cried at the end of Look Who's Talking know the one where the dogs talk? We have since made so much fun of her for this incident, and now I am sure I would be water works if I saw that now...babies and dogs that talk?? DONE.

If it has the slightest hint of having anything to do with being a mom, love, babies, or dogs, grab the tissues because here come the tears. That infomercial about the dogs in a shelter? Are you kidding me? Before I could just turn the channel, but now if I even hear "In the arms of an angel...far away from here" I started to well up. I can no longer watch anything that has to do with children being harmed either, which seems to be every episode of Law & Order: SVU now.

When Seth Aaron won Project Runway? One tissue...My daughter scooting forward while doing tummy time the other day? Two tissues. Kate Gosselin getting kicked off Dancing with the Stars? Three tissues.
(TOTALLY KIDDING. I don't watch that show and I think that woman is horrific.)

Back to my weepy issues. I met a woman today (the mother of the man I am currently buying a house from) who lost her husband 12 years ago when he went in for minor eye surgery, and never came out, only to find out 9 days later that she had cancer. She was given 2 years max to live, and here she was alive and totally healthy, in the same room with me 12 years later. I couldn't help but get weepy. Not wanting this stranger to think I was an emotional mess, I blamed my wet eyes on my allergies. Always my go-to excuse...

If I even think about how lucky my life is right now I get teared up. I have this gorgeous miracle of a child next to me who I am lucky enough to spend all my days with, a husband who supports us whom I love with all my heart, a new house to move into, best friends getting married to wonderful men, others having more beautiful babies to call me Auntie, my family is healthy (and I finally get to see them more often since my daughter's birth), and the only thing stressing me out right now is picking paint colors for our walls. Tough life! I am truly blessed and so thankful every day.

Uh oh, Say Yes to the Dress is on...better grab the box of Kleenex.


  1. Aw, that made me weepy :)

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