Saturday, April 24, 2010

Paci Wars: Return of the Peace Maker

At week twelve of her young life, my daughter decided to ditch the pacifier and opt for sucking on her hand. Fine by me! During these last 8 weeks, we have occasionally tried to shove a "peace maker," as we call them in our household, into her mouth when she is inconsolable and we are out of tricks. She would suck for a few seconds and then it would go flying across the room.

Cut to two days ago when she was so overtired she was screaming herself hoarse. Again I tried the PM, but this time she went to town on that thing...and thankfully fell sound asleep shortly afterwards. And just like that we were back on the pacifier train.

For the past 48 hours all she wants to do is suck on a pacifier, which I have mixed emotions about. I was happy to have her ditch the paci and suck on her hand, because she could soothe herself pretty much instantly and I didn't have to be a paci butler and keep re-inserting it into her mouth. But, her hand didn't quite do the trick of a pacifier. I was also happy that we didn't have to have the paci-fairy come at some point in the next year, and deal with all the attachment issues that come along with it.

I am glad to have it back in the mix (at least for now) because she is instantly soothed when it is put in her mouth. But, now we are dealing with the whole "crying when it falls out" as well as the "I can pull this out of my mouth but I can't put it back in so now I am getting upset you better help me now woman!" thing.

And I have no idea if this has any relation to the return of the PM, but SHE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! I had put one in her mouth as she was in her crib, but she shortly spit it out before falling asleep at 8 PM last night...

Whatever it is due to the return of the PM or not, I say it is a Festivus Miracle!!!


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