Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Mom's Club

I had my second baby boy two weeks ago. When I got to the hospital, I eagerly introduced myself to the anesthesiologists and told them I'd be seeing them soon for some good drugs. But, when the time came, I dilated from 6 cm to 10 cm in three contractions...alas, no time for good drugs. Yet, in those moments of my drugless delivery (which was blessedly brief...and something I don't recommend...but I will be bragging about it for the next 10 years), I was reminded of the power of mothers. Our bodies can do something truly incredible - build a baby, bring it in to the world, and then feed and care for it. We can do it all on 2 non-consecutive hours of sleep, nutrition consisting only of Cheese-Its we've eaten at 3 am, and usually with only one hand, as the other folds laundry or tries to flip through the channels to find something to keep us awake (Jerseylicious anyone?). And that's just the beginning...we grow and learn to deal with the "I'm only wearing my pajamas (...repeat for 2 weeks)" and "But he's not that old, he's just a senior" with equal savvy. And although I'd happily let my husband suffer through a few months of pregnancy, I would never give up the ability to be "mom" once the little nuggets are out in the world. So for me, Mother's Day is really about celebrating membership in a very special, superhero-esque that I've been lucky enough to be part of twice.

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  1. Oh Mama E!!! This made me tear up...can't wait to meet your new little one. XOXO