Monday, November 29, 2010

Holy Party Planning Batman! (another Mama Rant)

Let me first say that I am not planning a "holy party," but am referencing the Robin-speak as in "Holy (blank) Batman...but I digress....

In just 5 short days my baby will be 1. MY BABY WILL BE 1!! I can't believe I am even writing those words right now. This past year has flown by like I never thought it could. Everyone always says that the years go by so fast, but I never realized how fast. Before I know it she will be riding a bike, and driving a car, and asking to borrow my credit card, and filling out college applications...I will stop there before I start to cry.

Every year before 2009, my husband and I have thrown a holiday party. My birthday is near Christmas, so we would always do a b-day/x-mas party in December. It was known as our Festivus celebration (see Seinfeld). Since we are in a big house now, and our baby is turning one, we decided to do a big bash this year for the holidays, with a minor in Marlo's birthday. So a month ago the planning began...

And here I am weeks later with lists, and food menus, and crazy decoration ideas, and I feel like I am planning her wedding for crying out loud. As with everything, I like to do it up when it comes to parties. I want my guests to leave thinking "that was an awesome party, and I just had a freaking blast...good times!" I want the kids to have fun, but more importantly I want the adults to have fun. I know first birthdays are really for the parents of the child, and are really not a whole bunch of fun for anyone - I am trying to break that mold, but with the hopes of that comes a lot of stress.

My plan is to have the babies/kids so entertained that the parents can relax, enjoy a tasty beverage and have "good times."And that is what is stressing me out. Every time I say that to someone they tell me to relax and not worry about everyone else having fun, but isn't that the worries of a party planner?

I think back to right before I had Marlo - I had gone to a good friend's son's first birthday party a week before I went into labor. I remember saying to another close friend (who does not have kids) that she didn't have to worry about going to another first birthday party next year, because I wasn't going to do anything big. Well here I am with over 50 guests in attendance, a giant inflatable pool of balls, 50 lanterns to hang around my house, a tent and tunnel in the basement, and a page long list of things I need to get at Costco this week...

Mama needs a drink!

I will report back next week with juicy party details. :)