Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Help

The kids this Christmas are more willing to help around the house. I try to pick things for them to do, but am realizing more that I have to step back and let them do more than just the little things. My oldest is 12. She has a very pleasant disposition. Always willing to help. My youngest is 18 months. He is the one that runs the show. If you are not paying attention, he will yell until you do. There are 4 more kids in the middle, 3 girls, ages 10, 6 and 3, and another boy who is 4. Every holiday it is the same things. Baking cookies, putting up the decorations, except, this year, everyone wants to do it all themselves. I am finding that the movies I used to watch alone when the kids would be sleeping are now things that some of them enjoy as well. I think it is so stressful around the holidays trying to get everything done that it is just time to relax and enjoy the chaos that surrounds a house full of children. With all the running around this upcoming week, be sure to remember that nothing is perfect, and it shouldn't be with kids around. It is okay to have a plate full of broken cookies, a tree with ornaments stuffed inside and decorations all around the bottom of the doors, as long as they made them with love.

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