Monday, December 20, 2010

Holy S$@% I am 32

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. The movie 16 Candles happen to be on and as I was playing with Marlo I said to her "this movie is about a birthday, and today is Mommy's birthday. But the girl in the movie is only 16, and Mommy is..." And then it hit me...TWICE THAT AGE. Holy shit I am 32 years old.

When I was in my 20s and working in corporate America, I looked at 32 year old people as frumpy old people. When I was in my teens, 32 year olds were ancient. And now I am one of those old ladies. I know I am not really old, but this is the first birthday that I am starting to feel older.

I no longer care about panty lines. Yup - I said it. I used to be a slave to a thong before I got pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I wear them occasionally, but I would NEVER go out of the house with a visible panty line. Now my ass is so big that no one is looking at it anyway, so what do I care!

32 year old Mama J in all my glory! Ignore the mess in the back!
I also wear lounge clothes all the time (I refuse to use "sweats"). My daily wardrobe consists of yoga pants and tunic tops...and I am fine with it! Stacey & Clinton might have me on their show soon if it keeps up though.

My eyesight is getting worse, so I am wearing my glasses around the house all the time now.

I am obsessed with crocheting scarves as of late. Most nights you can find me in my favorite chair in the living room with a blanket over my legs and a crochet needle in my hand as I knot away and create presents for friends and family.

I drink tea all the time now.

So what I am saying is that I am an granny-panty-wearing, bespectacled, knitting old lady who can most nights be found under an afghan in front of the tv with a mug of hot tea next to her.

And I am lovin' every minute of it!!