Thursday, March 10, 2011

Family Eating - Take Five....The Good Stuff

So after all that developing healthy menus, cooking, instilling positive food habits in your children, blah, blah, blah...mommy needs dessert. minutes fast.

  • Apple Dumplings: I can't bring myself to add Mountain Dew to a dessert that is already white-trash enough, so I class (hah) it up by using apple cider or apple juice.

  • Brownie Covered Oreos: Use cooking spray liberally. And lift the edges of the brownies right out of the oven. When they get dry, crumble over ice cream. Double Stuffs are a must.

  • Reese Peanut Butter Cup Cookies: Two ingredients, enough said.

  • Yum Yum Bars: Like a homemade candy bar. Easy enough to make with the kids too. I've been working my way through a pan of these this week...hello 5 pounds on my hips.

  • Summer Berry Pudding: A bit more than minutes, but still easy...and I had to give you something a bit more up-market. You basically cook fruit (it can be frozen) with sugar and then pour over bread. Let it soak, serve with whip cream. I usually leave out the liquor, as I don't usually have it on hand.

  • Frozen Key Lime Pie: Replace the evaporated milk (you don't need to freeze, just whip) with whipped cream...because you deserve it.