Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Family Eating - Take Four

Some of my go-to recipes:

  • Beef with Snow Peas: I use this recipe, but use broccoli instead. My oldest likes to dip the meat in ketchup, but it is pretty much the only brown meat he'll eat.

  • Sweet Potato and Apple Casserole: I wing this - just mix some melted butter, syrup, and cinnamon. I don't add the juice, just a bit of water. It's simple, but surprisingly delicious and makes a great side dish. I cut into wedges, since they're easier for the baby to pick-up. I make a double-batch so he eats them all week. Good with pears too.

  • Sweet Potato Hash: Almost breakfasty, but better. I serve with fried eggs, because what isn't good with fried eggs? Kids get the potatoes without the seasoning.

  • Salsa Verde Casserole: I use a pound of ground chicken, two cans of kidney beans, and some frozen corn or sauteed zucchini. Clearly, it's easy to make vegetarian.

  • Salmon Pesto Pasta: Even for non-salmon lovers. It's easy enough to leave certain things out if your kids absolutely refuse fish.

What other recipes are your go-tos?


  1. Going to the store right now to get stuff to make the beef with snow peas. Looks amaze-balls!!

  2. Oooo - yum! I've already bookmarked a bunch of these. Thanks, E. We're just starting to cook for three, but I tried this one and found it pretty easy and baby friendly (with maple syrup, not honey):

    It's pretty easy and even faster with quinoa. I've only used dried cranberries so far and it's worked fine.