Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I hate other people's kids

So now that I have your attention, let me explain the subject of this post so I don't offend all of you.

If I know you, and I know your kids, I don't hate your kids. And "hate" is really the wrong word hear...I should have called this post "I am annoyed by stranger's kids, when their parents aren't paying attention and letting them run around like assholes and be mean to my kid..." but that was too many characters for the title line.

Our last visit to the Children's Museum inspired this post. We were in the toddler area (which is for ages 3 and under) on a busy Saturday morning during the members only hours. I over hear this mother talking about the two "little" girls she has with her - one was 4 the other was 5. They were twice the size of most kids in the area. They are playing next to M in the arts n' crafts area of the room and they are throwing the shredded paper up in the air so that it is landing on M's head. I politely say "girls, let's try and keep the paper on the table so all the kids can play with it." And they leave our table and go to the second table and continue to make a complete mess of the area.

Some kid stole my train mom!!
So I grab M and we walk to the play-car that you can sit in and pretend to steer. M is enjoying herself for 10 seconds when the same aforementioned girls come and sit in the car next to her. I kid you not this is what went down:

5 year old girl: I want to drive
Me: Well, you have to wait your turn, she will be done soon.
5: I want to drive now.
Me: I'm sorry but she is driving now and then you can drive.
5: But I want to drive now.
Me: Well too bad.

At this point M in enamored by the giant girl sitting next to her so she reaches out her hand and waves and the girl swats her hand away and says "don't touch me!" and backs up. I looked at her and said "She was only trying to be nice to you. Where is your mother??"

I was so fired up that I just grabbed M and started telling her that other kids can be jerks, loud enough so hopefully this brat's mother could hear me. We then ventured over to the train table and just as we were playing with a train some other little brat came over and grabbed it from M's hand and walked away! It took every ounce of self control I had not to go over to that kid and push him over. And this time the mother was watching the whole time - and she even said "oh good, now you have a train let's go over here." WTF woman??? Did you not see my kid holding onto that train?

This all went down about 3 weeks ago, and just writing this makes me mad again. I do not have patience for absent minded parents or their a-hole kids at all. I don't understand how parents can just let their kids go crazy and not pay attention to their every move. Ok, not every move, but seriously get a grip on your children. M has such a sweet disposition that she doesn't know any better and seriously just wants to be friends with everyone. And I feel like all of my friend's kids are the same way. Maybe because all of my friends have good heads on their shoulders and are actually good parents.

So if you are at the Children's Museum and you steal my kids train again, I might "accidentally" trip your kid. Just saying is all... :)


  1. We had a similar experience a few weeks ago! We were visiting my brother and his family and went to a giant playspace that was all bounce houses. Most of them were very large with tunnels and really high slides, but there were a couple in the back that were specifically for toddlers.
    My daughter, always cautious, was very uncertain about the whole thing, even though she watched her cousin racing through and down the slide with envy. It was very loud and she wasn't a fan of how unstable they were. After one failed attempt, I just held her and explained what the kids were doing as they were doing it. After a couple of minutes she said "mommy, I try again." So she did her little determined walk over and started up the ladder to the tunnel. At this point a boy, who is about 5 or 6 and is WAY too old and big for the toddler bounce house, tried to shove his way past her. She looked at me uncertainly and I said "hey! it's my daughter's turn - can you please wait your turn?" He barely glanced at me but held back. However, the second she got to the top of the ladder he raced up and SHOVED her out of his way, knocking her onto her face into the tunnel. My arm shot out about 3 feet, grabbed his arm and growled "kid, if you shove my daughter one more time I am going to f...." Now, what I was about to say was "effing kill you!" but at this point my brain had caught up with my instincts and was screaming at me that it's NEVER ok to grab someone else's kid and it's probably not a good idea to swear at them, so I quickly revised it to "f...ind your mother."
    I picked up my crying toddler, who I couldn't convince to give it another try, and I was just pissed and sad that what could have been a confidence boosting experience for my kid ended in tears.
    Generally, big kids are balls of energy and not the most considerate, but that's why most of these places have toddler sections where little kids can try new things and learn without being run over! And just because your kid is big enough to play without you right next to them doesn't mean you shouldn't know where your kid is and what they're doing. Despite my threat, I never saw that boy with any parent and took my complaints to the staff instead, who shooed the big kids out of the toddler house.

  2. I'm worked up for you!!! I can't believe the giant girl hit Baby M!!!

  3. Some 5 year old stepped on my (1 year old) son's hand today near that train table...

  4. awww, that's terrible! There is little that upsets me more as a parent than someone mistreating my child. I nanny for two little girls, and one day the four-year-old was feeling upset with A and told her, "I'm not going to be your friend anymore!" in a pseudo-shout. It was likely just the tone since she clearly didn't understand the phrase at her age, but A immediately burst out crying. Makes me sad just thinking about it!

  5. Oh man, do I enjoy disciplining other people's children. I don't even wait for them to misbehave anymore. It's important not to let the cretins get a jump on you. Am I right? And tripping them? Fantastic! It's more fun than a barrel of monkeys (a great way to discipline misbehaving monkeys btw...freaking unsupervised monkeys) and easier than taking candy from a baby, which I also heartily endorse.

    In all seriousness though; cash. "Kid, I'll give you a dollar to go away." Works every time.

  6. It doesn't get ant better when they are teenagers..

  7. Really sorry to hear that..
    I think whenever something is a public property, the people will fight for it, have no respect for others and as you can see it starts with a young age. The bullies and the most loud and selfish ones will get it eventually. Then they get used to it and keep going as they grow up, and then they become presidents, party leaders, take public roles, rule over other people etc.
    If you live in a community where you feel good, then you can share what you have with others. You pay the taxes just as others, but the product of those taxes is not equally distributed to all, it goes more to the most selfish ones.
    Just another, Darwinian, view I guess:)

  8. Your kid is ugly

  9. Your baby is too beautiful to be real.