Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Little Escape Artist

Marlo on the monitor
another night - out of sleep
sack and half out of pjs
The other morning I was awakened by my husband around 6:00 AM, with a tap on my shoulder. "Honey, you have to look at this." In his hand he held toward me the video monitor and on it was a site to be hold. Dear sweet M was lying there naked, with just her helmet on. She had managed to zip herself out of her sleep sack (gunamuna!), unzip and completely remove her one-piece pajamas and then un-velcro her diaper. Ah, my little escape artist.

As of late she has been obsessed with any sort of fasteners and how they work. I now have to think more about what I put her because anything with a zipper stays on for about 2 seconds. She will immediately unzip whatever it is and take it halfway off. Then attempt to put it back on and zip it up for the next 10 minutes.

Overalls? One morning when were putting away laundry she sat there with her overalls in her lap and quietly for five minutes actually figured out how the fasteners work. I could see the steam coming out her ears as she held the two pieces in her hands and finally got them to go together. Now when I put them on her she just wants to get them off so she can fasten them again.

She has also actually figured out how to undo the chest buckle on her car seat, which is the same plastic prong fastener that can be found on many things in our house, including the dogs collar, which has become a favorite as of late. She also loves to help me do the fasteners on the strollers, and will then try her hardest to get out of them (she has not mastered this thankfully yet).

I spoke in an earlier post about shoes - she loves loves loves the velcro on her shoes, and loves taking them off to try and put them back on now too.

It seems to be anything that is holding her down, or covering her up, she needs to figure out how to get out of now. I have visions of her 15 year old self sneaking out of her window at night to meet up with a boy already. Hopefully then she will keep her clothes on!! :)


  1. Too funny. You could try putting her sleep sack on backwards.

  2. haha! we have a Hudini too. Wait until M gets her hands on getting that diaper off. The other day I greeter a "should be napping" little one to holding her diaper saying, "oh mommy. look, it fell off!" haha... I'm glad I'm not alone, thanks for sharing.