Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Laptop Lunchbox

I recently purchased the Laptop Lunchbox for Little C's daily lunch. The Laptop Lunchbox comes inside of a case which looks very much like, well, a laptop case, complete with a zippered front pocket and long shoulder strap. The case is insulated, which keeps lunch from spoiling when left at room temperature. The actual lunchbox pops open and contains four individual containers, sized appropriately for child-sized portions. Two of the boxes contain lids and are perfect for storing yogurt or soups. The other two containers do not have lids. I worried the food inside these boxes would spill, however the lid of the entire box fits tightly, so contents inside stay put. There is also a small container for dips, dressings, or spreads. The Laptop Lunchbox comes with a stainless steel knife and fork, as well as a 12 ounce water bottle.

The Laptop Lunchbox is reusable, recyclable, and dishwasher safe (top rack only). The containers are BPA and lead free. The Laptop Lunchbox kit, which contains the lunchbox, case, water bottle, and a user's guide, ranges in price from $36.99-$39.99. Although this is more expensive than other lunchboxes, the Laptop Lunchbox eventually pays for itself since it reduces the need for individually pre-packaged food, which is generally more expensive than buying in bulk. The reusable containers also eliminate the need for disposable plastic containers or plastic bags, thereby reducing waste that winds up in a landfill.

The small containers inside the lunchbox are also sold individually, which means we can replace the containers I will inevitably lose, without having to re-buy the entire lunchbox kit. My daughter is nineteen months old and the Laptop Lunchbox is perfect for packing her lunch and snacks for daycare. I really like the small containers because it helps determine an appropriate portion size for a child.

Should you purchase a Laptop Lunch kit, you will receive a user guide, which contains nutritional information, recipes, and tips for packing fun, creative lunchboxes. The user's guide is slightly sanctimonious in tone, preaching the importance of substituting tofu for ground beef and eating a plant-based diet. Despite the subtle self-righteous tone throughout the book, the user's guide does contain helpful information regarding child health and nutrition.

Thus far, I am pleased with my daughter's Laptop Lunchbox. I ordered the Pink Passion kit, which is adorable and makes packing lunch somewhat enjoyable. While washing the containers is certainly not my favorite daily task, I remind myself washing containers is better than creating lots of trash every day. The Laptop Lunchbox is available at and Amazon. If you pack a lunch for your little one every day, I recommend giving the Laptop Lunchbox a try!

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  1. Thanks for bringing this product to my attention! Looks perfect for our needs!