Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Operation: Nasal Passage Freedom

M has had a very stuffy/runny nose for the last 48 hours. In that short time it has become a slight obsession of mine to make sure her nasal passages are as clear as possible so that she can be comfortable. As someone who has suffered from chronic sinusitis her entire life (sinus infections from when I was very young until now, sinus surgery, multiple sinus infections a year, etc.) I am familiar with the misery that comes along with nasal/sinus issues and pray that M does not have them to the extent I have them now. What she currently has is probably a little cold, but to me it is what I like to refer to as a Nose Frida snot sucking extravaganza.

(Did I make you just throw up in your mouth a little?)

My Nose Frida has become Chewbacca to my Han Solo...a trusty sidekick that makes a lot of noise and gets the job done. It has traveled with me in the pocket of whatever I am wearing to whatever room we are hanging out in at the house. It has even come with us to Costco, and today Bloomingdales (where I bought it a fancy case using my friends and family discount - kidding of course).

This weapon of mass snot destruction is a lifesaver when your kid has a runny nose. One of my pet peeves is seeing a child with snot running down his nose and mothers not doing anything about it. Help your poor kid out! They can't blow, but you can suck (ok I am taking this too far now, but having so much fun!). Do not fear the Nose Frida. Your kid might struggle during the first couple uses, but soon they will be like M, who will actually hold the device in place in anticipation of sweet relief.

I also can't live without my Boogie Wipes. If I am unable to Nose Frida poor M, I always have Boogie Wipes handy to wipe away the boogs, as we call them in our house. M won't let me near her nose with tissues, as they are too rough, but the Boogie Wipes are nice and moist and also have saline in them to help clear her nasal passages.

Also a little "Little Noses" Saline helps to loosen up the trapped boogs (only really use this in the morning and before bed to make her most comfortable) before you use the Nose Frida.

I am telling you...the Nose Frida/Boogie Wipe combo is a must have for all Mamas out there. One thing I can guarantee is that my kid will not have a snotty runny nose when you see her, and if she does I will NOT be offended if you wipe it for her!

Watch out Mamas - I am coming for your kids noses!!


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