Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Party Finds from Etsy

I kept it so low-key (just the grandparents and a cake) for my first son's first birthday that in hindsight, I feel bad. My second son is reaping the benefits. It will still be low-key compared to many affairs, but he has a slightly bigger invite list (still primarily family) and a few extra bells and whistles. Etsy has provided me, idea-rich and execution-skills-poor, with things to keep a simple birthday extra special. Here are a few of my finds:

  • Every birthday boy or girl needs a birthday banner! Wicked Crafty Designs makes darling, affordable banners using your favorite themes (think Disney Princess) or her own designs. Hang it on your door and set the stage for your mini-event. She'll also make matching invitations.

  • Party hats make for darling pictures. Try custom-made paper hats - the Sesame Street characters cannot be missed - or a fabric hat especially for the birthday baby from Dainty Couture.

  • You always need to have a special outfit and Etsy is chock full of darling personalized attire. I like the simple approach from Fly Duds and Livi Stitches.

  • If you're having other children, Etsy is a great source for unique, affordable favors. For girls, try a fairy wand. Polkadotty makes custom crayons that will match any theme - I love the Lego men crayons. If you're just having a few kids and want to spend more, try Green Bean Toys wooden vehicles, which you'd pay much more for in store. For girls, try a darling felt cupcake or princess bow. Don't get me wrong, I love Target, but I could spend all kinds of money there on crappy favors no one wants...these items are super cute and might last the car ride home!

Have you found any birthday treasures on Etsy?