Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby Wiggle Little Groove

I have mentioned many times on the blog that M has music in her soul. She comes from a long line of musical people, so I was not surprised that she showed a love for music and dance at her young age. And thankfully we attend the Baby Wiggle Little Groove class weekly so she can shake and sing her little heart out.

This fabulous class is 45 minutes of musical fun. The class we take is in South Boston, and is led by the fabulous Mike (I don't know his last name!) who I believe my daughter has a serious crush on. Not only can he play a mean guitar, but he has a great singing voice to boot - and he is fabulous with the kids.

He leads the children through 8-10 songs, some you know, some are new, while they shake tamborines or maracas, build things with blocks, toss around scarves or bang on their own individual drums. There is also a portion of the class where the kids get to play with finger puppets, as well as the occasional appearance of the giant parachute.

When we are done each section of the class, we sing the "Clean Up" song, which has actually changed our life here at home. I can start singing the song and M immediately will start to put her toys away. One day when I dumped a load of laundry on her floor before folding, I caught her putting the laundry back in the basket from whence it came and singing "keen uh, keen uh..." That right there is worth the class fee!

Classes are available in the South End, Charlestown, Newburyport and South Boston, and run for 6-7 week stretches. Session three begins the third week of May, so register as soon as you can. If your kid likes to dance and sing and play with instruments, as well as get serenaded by some pretty talented people, this is the class for you. I can't say enough good things about it.

We are Wiggles for life!



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