Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dear Mother Nature...

Eff you.
For the forth straight day in Boston it is 50 degrees and raining. Did Father Nature forget your anniversary? Did Son Nature leave the seat up? Did Daughter Nature not clean up her room again?

The people of Boston are not happy with your behavior. You shat snow on us for 4 months straight, making it a nightmare of a winter - and I have the water damage (and heating bills) to remind me of it every day. And now just after you show us a glimpse of warmer weather, and we all put our winter coats and boots away, you slap us right in the face again with this bullshit weather you call Spring.

I know Boston is not known for having much of a Spring, but it is the middle of May for the love of Lady Gaga! We have just endured one of the worst winters in the cities history, and yet you show us no love. Seriously, I have the heat on in my house right now.

And it isn't "raining" outside per se, it is that annoying drizzle crap that makes you have to use your windshield wipers when you drive, but you can't actually see it if you are standing still. It is like the air is wet - which does not make for good hair days by any means.

If I have to come up with one more "inside project" for my daughter and I to do I will scream. If I have to squeeze my daughter into her winter coat one more day, I will lose it. If I have to put on gloves again to walk my dog in the morning, or towel off a wet dog after the walk or take wet mail out of the mailbox I might actually cut down a would you like that?

I had to go to Old Navy yesterday to buy my daughter sweatpants to wear in a larger size because she has already out grown her winter clothes. You owe me $9.

You have seriously gotten me, and all the other people of Boston, down in the dumps once again with this performance. The 10-day forecast predicts partly cloudy and 65 on better not be teasing us with this again you evil woman you!

Brrrrr in Boston

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