Monday, May 2, 2011

Things My Children Have Eaten...

Last week my oldest stuck a Lego up his nose. Luckily, once identified (it was a black translucent one, so it was hard to see), it was easy to remove. It made me think that we've had far more "in the mouth" incidents than "in the nose" incidents. That's a losing game if I've ever seen one! So I made a list for the baby book, "Things You've Eaten." Perhaps this will come in handy for future reality show competitions. What's on your list?

  • Half-eaten cracker covered with least it was originally his cracker and he got some protein

  • Long-forgotten sample found under the meat case at amount of Purell can make you feel good about this, you honestly feel like they need some kind of vaccine

  • Chewing gum found in the dugout at the Little League field...I thought it was an leaf, which I was allowing him to eat...

  • Chocolate-pecan cookie...seemingly harmless, but nuts are hard to eat if you have no teeth...and you're not allowed to have nuts...sadly, this is probably the most dangerous of the bunch

  • Peach's probably not the eating that was the bad part, it was the coming out

I'm also figuring my youngest has a belly full of legos, crayons, and other harmless (hopefully) items. He always makes a beeline for the toilet when the door is open, so we're working on the importance of flushing with my oldest. Ahh, the glamorous motherhood indeed.


  1. So far we have been pretty lucky with this, but there was one time she was scooting around the floor and then we put her in her carseat and I notice she has something in her mouth - dog food. Which is horrible for humans to eat, but luckily it was still all in tact in her mouth. Still gross.

    She likes to stick things in her mouth still, like the dogs leash, old cheerios from the floor, two day old banana piece I have yet to clean up on the floor. Who needs a Roomba! :)

  2. Seriously! He won't eat a freshly cooked pea, but he'll eat a dried one from two weeks ago he found under the radiator!

  3. Haha! That's hilarious! And yes, a losing game if I've ever heard one. Very, very fortunately Ava hasn't eaten anything she's not allowed, unless you count dairy, since she has a milk intolerance. In that case, she's gotten her hands on more goldfish, cheese sticks and chocolate than I'd care to admit!

  4. Oh E, you make us laugh. Drew and I were really chuckling over this one.