Friday, June 17, 2011

Adults Only Adventure Part 1

I told myself I would be radio silent for the next four days on vacation, but I had share a few things:
1. This is apparently a working vacation for my husband. Unbeknownst to me my lawyer husband has his laptop with him and is now doing work sitting next to me. I asked what this was all about and he "doesn't want to talk about it." Laptops need salt water baths daily right? Because this one might get one.

2. You best have the same name on your passport on your ticket. The poor elderly woman in front of me in line had Marisol on her ticket, but Mari Sola on her passport. The security guy brought down a world of hurt on this 4 foot tall Hispanic lady. She was doing the "ees de same name, no?" and he was all "I'm in charge here lady, out of line." thankfully she got it all figured out, as she just boarded the plane.

3. Puerto rican ladies bring it when they travel. I apparently didn't get the memo that I was supposed wear my fake hair, don my linen jumpsuit and have my nails did with bling before traveling to San Juan. These woman (old and young) are dolled up I tell you, while I look like a middle aged lesbian who hasn't looked in the mirror in a week. At least I showere and put on mascara today.

4. Traveling without a child is insanely easy. I have forgotten how nice it is to travel without five carryons, multiple baby transport devices, and a little human hanging on to you. And security! What a breeze!

My husband didn't want to put out the trash cans so that our neighbors knew we were on vacation by the fact that we didn't bring them in the house. Well I guess you all know we are on vacation now. Don't rob our house. Please :)

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