Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adults only Adventure Part Deux

I just finished a mediocre book so i figured i would take a moment to report from our adults only adventure.

If you a looking to go on a vacation to forget about your kid, don't go to the Ritz Carlton San Juan. Let me first say that we are having an amazing time. Everything here is first class: service, accommodations, food, and it all comes at a first class price tag (which is fine, it is only four days and it has been four years since our last vacation). We wanted to have a nice relaxing time away from M, which don't get me wrong, we are, BUT, there are kids and families galore here.

As I am typing this (from our rented private cabana by the pool-we seem to think we are Beyonce and Jay Z this weekend) there are five kids splashing around in the pool right in front of me, a family with a baby in a pack n play (which by the way they have readily available poolside if you need them) to my left and kids screaming throughout the pool area. Instead of trying to forget I am a parent for a few days, I am retrieving rogue balls for kids, getting splashed and having to swim around them in the pool. I am fine with it, because as a parent this sort of thing doesn't bother me as much as it used to, but we wanted to get away from kids for a few days...which we have failed to do.

I keep seeing these cute little kids and saying "oh honey look at that little girl. I bet she is M's age. I wonder what M is doing right now..." Or "do you think M is taller than that kid? Look how cute that one is!" and it is making me miss her more each day! Not that I wouldn't miss her if we were at a little more remote resort, but with the constant sound of children around it is hard to not think about her.

I cannot say enough good things about this resort though. The service is impeccable: everyone remembers your name (and pronounces it correctly which never happens stateside), they remember your drink orders ( I was greeted at breakfast with my tea and oj/pineapple juice), they check on you ton make sure you are ok...and as our pool attendant said this morning "Meez T ju jus asss and ju receive."

So basically I am saying we are having an awesome time, and spoiling ourselves rotten, but next time we come here we will totally bring M. And if the grandparents are lucky they can tag along too.

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  1. My husband and I caught spent our only no-kids vacation thus far on a last-minute deal to Orlando. Needless to say there were a few kids about. I really liked it, because none of those crazy children were my responsibility! The other parents had to chase them around and I could just sit and read my book. Suckers!!

  2. Orlando is one of the best place, not just for the adults but for everyone. There are lot of things for the kids to enjoy and same thing is applied to the adults too.