Friday, July 29, 2011

Discovery Museum

We checked out the Discovery Museum in Acton yesterday.  Sam has been under the weather for a week and had only napped for an hour due to never ending construction on two houses next to us.  So I popped him the car, figuring he'd pass out on the ride, which he did not.  Despite the potential for disaster, he held up really well.  The museum is small, based in an old Victorian house, totally geared to toddlers, it's manageable and not overstimulating.  Plus they have the added benefit of being able to go in and out, so that you can use the outside areas as a break before returning to the inside.  We did maybe half of the exhibits, ate a snack and headed back.  For some reason, Sam also did not sleep on the way home, which meant that he whined at me for 45 continuous minutes, despite my attempts to distract him.  It is an expensive day, $10.50 for adults and a child over one, so if you have multiple children, it adds up.  There is a separate museum for the older kids on the premises.  There are also picnic benches and areas to sit and relax.
Sam was really into the exhibits and they are all hands on.  Definitely a great day trip.