Friday, September 23, 2011

My Little Monkey

As I have mentioned before, M has been a little late with all of her physical developments. Well, not all, but the whole being mobile thing (she never crawled, but scooted, and then didn't walk until 19 months) was a little delayed. So it wasn't until last month that she started to actually climb things, or as we like to call it "climby."

And this girl has not met an object that she doesn't like to "climby."

We started with the stairs. Now, our stairs are very steep hardwood stairs. I started letting her climb up the stairs on hands and feet, and she soon mastered that. Then we started standing while holding onto the spindles, which she now has down. She loves to "climby" the stairs so much she will put up a fight if you try to carry her up most times.

So, like the good parents we are, we have a gate at the bottom to stop her and the pooch from going upstairs. Sometimes that gate doesn't get shut all the way, be it due to me having too much in my hands, or from laziness. The other day I left M in the kitchen, and went into my studio to grab a few things to wrap a present. Now the studio is right off the kitchen. I didn't think anything of it, and just left her alone. I was gone for probably two minutes tops, and when I come out I hear "Hi Mama!" coming from above my head on the catwalk.

Lo and behold my little monkey climby-ed the stairs all by herself and made it up to the second floor landing and was standing there with her head poking between the spindles with this giant grin on her face. My heart went into my crotch. I ran as fast as I could up the stairs, and caught her just in time as she said "Mama, climby down now!" and started to sit on her butt to climb down the stairs. So big note to self - make sure the gate is closed at the bottom of the stairs always.

But now, even with the gate closed, she manages to find another way to climby the stairs. She learned today how to climb the outside of the stairs - as in the other side of the railing!! I caught her about three stairs up smiling at me saying "Climby stairs Mama!" How do I stop this from happening? Besides keeping an eye on her every second of the day, which I guess is what you are supposed to do right? HA!

I bought her a new big girl bed (no she isn't sleeping it it, we just lay in it during the day sometimes and sing songs - money well spent!) that has a scrolly pewter headboard and foot board. Well already she likes to stand on the bed and climby the headboard! I foresee many sleepless nights in our future.

She tried to climb the glass shelves next to the tv today too.

I take her to playgrounds and she doesn't want to climb up the normal things you are supposed to climb up, she just wants to climb up the slide.

I am afraid she is going to seriously hurt herself at some point...or being hanging from the rafters...monkey madness!! How do I control this?